‘Bones’ series finale preview and trivia

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“Bones,” FOX’s longest-running scripted drama series, is coming to an end with the airing of the series finale on Tuesday night.

Use the video player above to watch an exclusive preview. If you’re a “Bones” fan, you’ll love these statistics about the show:

• 13 Million – The number of “Boneheads” (BONES fans) on social media
• 76,000 – The number of bones on the Jeffersonian set
• 3,000 – The number of actors that have worked on BONES
• 400 – The number of feet of intestine used by makeup effects artists
• 370 – The number of dead bodies seen throughout the course of the series
• 364 – The number of times the word “particulates” is mentioned
• 310 – The number of gallons of decomposed body fluid used by makeup effects artists
• 304 – The number of bone boxes in the bone room
• 250 – The number of skeletons used by makeup effects artists
• 246 – The number of BONES episodes
• 165 – The number of gallons of silicone flesh used by makeup effects artists
• 150 – The number of confessions from killers
• 123 – The number of times bugs are seen or mentioned
• 62 – The number of gallons of blood used by makeup effects artists
• 15 – The number of “squinterns”
• 6.8 – The number of days it would take to watch every episode back-to-back
• 3 – The number of BONES crossovers
• 1 – FOX’s longest running scripted-drama

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