Program adapts toy cars to give toddlers with disabilities more mobility

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SALT LAKE CITY - More toddlers are taking the wheel in their toy cars thanks to the efforts of the Utah Center for Assistive Technology.

Its part of a program called Go Baby Go, which makes the toddler's toys easier to use and helps them feel more independent.

“These are off the rack cars from Toys-R-Us or Wal-Mart, and we do a basic $50 switch adaptation to it, and it's much more fun for the kid, and it's much more cost-efficient for a parent in terms of their first mobility device,” said Mike Wollenzien, Director for the Utah Center for Assistive Technology.

Each one is made to work with the predictable and reliable movements of each toddler.

Anyone can bring in their toy and buy an inexpensive adaptive switch. For some of these kids, the toys and switches are donated.

But for any little one, the adaptation to make their toy more accessible is free, and priceless.

Click here for more information about the Utah Assistive Technology Program.

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