The 5 best waterfall hikes in Utah

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Shannon Hall an outdoor enthusiast from shared her picks for the best 5 waterfall hikes near the Wasatch Mountains. Right now it is important to be aware of snow melt and high water levels. Check conditions before you go.

5 best waterfall hikes
• Bell Canyon lower falls - trailhead is at the base of Little Cottonwood, 4 miles rt, difficult, be careful around the falls.
• Scout Falls - located at Mt. Timp trailhead, 3 miles rt, easy, dog-friendly, check if the road is open before you go
• Rocky Mouth - right off Wasatch in Sandy, 1-mile rt, easy, shaded, great for kids
• Horsetail Falls - located in Alpine, 4.5 miles rt, moderate,dog-friendlyy, 100 ft falls
• Battlecreek Falls - Pleasant Grove, 1.5 miles rt, easy, great for kids, dog friendly, great place to put up a hammock or even rappel.