Man makes water wheelchair for disabled goldfish

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SAN ANTONIO, Texas - A man has made a floating wheelchair of sorts for a disabled goldfish.

Just ponder that for a second...

Yes, it is likely the cutest thing you will see today, and it is the coolest innovation as well.

Taylor Nicole Dean, 19, shared the story on Twitter.

She said her friend, Derek, works at an aquarium shop and came up with a brilliant idea to help a customer's fish.

Derek said the goldfish has a disorder that doesn't allow it to control its buoyancy in the water, a permanent bladder disorder.

Basically, the fish can't float and is stuck at the bottom of the tank... until now!

Derek created the one-of-a-kind water wheelchair to help the little guy get around the tank on his own.

Taylor tweeted the fish is now getting along swimmingly.

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