Salt Con Board Game convention celebrates its ninth year

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LAYTON, Utah -- Salt Con had its ninth annual Board Game convention last week at the Davis Conference Center in Layton.

Salt Con Board Game convention is an opportunity for Utahns and out-of-state residents to get together and play some board games, but according to Dale Gifford, Salt Con organizer, it isn't just all about the board games.

Gifford said the convention holds tournaments, role-playing games, miniature painting contests, exhibitors, a space game simulator and more. Plus, Gifford said, those who are new to board games have a chance to learn how to play or get a demo with an exhibitor before any purchase is made.

"It's inviting. People just sit down and play with strangers that they've never met before. They become friends and play games together," Gifford said.

According to Gifford, the convention offers free board game rentals and the opportunity to trade in games or sell old games for something new.

Salt Con will be at the Davis Conference center next year and tickets will go on sale sometime in September or October.

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