3 Questions with Bob Evans: Sheriff Jim Winder on the heavy burden on law enforcement

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SALT LAKE CITY -- The Unified Police Department laid Officer Doug Barney to rest one year ago, and in recent weeks they've mourned the deaths of three officers.

The tragedies remind us all that law enforcement officers and their families carry a heavy burden, and this week Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder sat down with Bob Evans to discuss that burden.

See the video above for his interview and his answers to the 3 Questions listed below:

  1. This has been a particularly difficult time for your department, with three officers dying in 18 days as you mark one year after Doug Barney's death. How are you guys doing? How are you doing? How are the officers doing?
  2. What is the key to emotional health through a career in law enforcement?
  3. What are you planning on doing next: Do you hope to continue as sheriff? Have you thought about politics?

For the extended interview with Sheriff Winder, see the video below: