How to have more fun with your partner

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Laura Heck talks about the importance of having play dates with your partner and shares some tips.

How to have more fun with your partner

Tip #1  Schedule your play and be intentional.

Make a list of fun items you would like to do together and calendar when you will play.  Once you get in the habit of playing as a couple, make a daily ritual to have open play time and allow spontaneity to take its course.

Tip #2 Surround yourself with playful people.

Tip #3  Remind yourself of what brought you joy as a child and do that again.
Fun activity ideas:
• Geocaching
• Tandem cycling
• Playing hide and go seek in public spaces
• Fun photo shoots
• Themed dress up parties
• High dive contest
• Sledding
• City wide treasure hunt
• Off Roading
• Game nights
• Karaoke
• Acroyoga
• Dance lessons
• Tell stories about strangers as they pass by
• Kickball in the park
• Prank wars

If you're interested in learning more about how to deepen your connection, check out or visit Laura's website.