Plain City woman found dead in Flaming Gorge 500 yards from boat ramp

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FLAMING GORGE, Utah — A woman was killed in Flaming Gorge after falling through the ice Saturday.

Rebecca Weston, 59, a resident of Plain City, was on an ice fishing family trip on the Gorge in the Anvil Draw area south of Green River, according to police.

During the outing, Weston and three family members, who were able to escape the accident, were riding on an ATV when the vehicle dropped into the ice, police said.

According to police, the family called in the accident, but police of Sweetwater County deputy sheriffs and emergency services said the investigation had to be delayed due to the approaching darkness until Sunday morning.

Around 1:07 p.m. on Sunday, a team of divers, a support personnel from the Sweetwater Dive Team and the Green River Fire Department Ice Rescue team located Weston’s body 500 yards from the Anvil Draw boat ramp in water at a depth of around 100 feet, police said.