Intermountain Donor Services celebrates Utah organ donors

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Intermountain Donor Services commemorated Utah donors and recipients at a press conference Monday.

The event shed light on the increase of Utah donors. Organ transplants, according to according to Intermountain Donor Services, have increased by nine percent since 2015.

Prospective donor-recipient Tyrell Kyle and heart recipient Macey Wright shared their stories.

Kyle has already died of heart failure once.

"I legally died and got revived," said Kyle.

Kyle, a veteran from Houston, Texas, is now in Utah waiting for a heart transplant.

Wright is a high school Freshman who just got her new heart last year.

"That call finally came one day while I was sitting down and eating breakfast on my second day of my freshman year in high school," Macey said, "I was going to get my miracle and I'm here because of that and I'm so thankful."