FBI still reviewing cyberattack at Utah Sundance Film Festival

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PARK CITY, Utah -- The FBI is investigating a cyberattack from Saturday at Sundance Film Festival.

A cyberattack that crippled the Sundance box office caused network outages.

Within hours, the festival was able to get services back to the main box office in Salt Lake City with no shows canceled.

While the outages didn't have big impact, moviegoers felt irritated someone would hack into a system like Sundance.

"It's unfortunate that so much work and effort and sophisticated labor goes into trying to disrupt something like somebody sitting back and enjoying an independent film, but you know, in the end there's people that who just...crave their own notoriety for that." Michael, a Sundance visitor, said.

During the attack, the festival hinted filmmakers may have been the target, but later a Sundance representative said otherwise.

"At this point, we do not have any reason to believe the cyberattack was targeted towards a specific film. No artist or customer information was compromised," the representative said.