Sandy boy with autism inspires others around the world

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SANDY, Utah — Last summer, we first heard of Ethan Fineshriber. He became known as the boy who shattered autistic stereotypes, winning a world title in Martial Arts.

Ethan was diagnosed with autism at age 3. A couple years later, his mother, Mara, decided he needed more exercise and to interact with others. She gave Ethan a choice between soccer, t-ball or karate.

Ethan wasn't interested in the first two options, so Mara took him to the nearest local ATA Taekwondo School. The Sandy boy was reluctant at first, but he eventually fell in love with the sport.

Ethan boy learned focus, discipline, self-confidence and determination. As he started to compete, he began to win.

At the suggestion of his coaches, Ethan began competing in national competitions where he would take First Place. Finally, his eye was on a World Title. Three years ago, Ethan began his quest. In early July, he completed at the ATA World Championship in Little Rock, Ark.

However, he isn’t done yet. Ethan, 11, has infinite opportunity as he ages to continue winning World Championships, and according to him, that’s exactly what he plans to do."

Since July, Ethan has won 4 more championships:

  • 2016 ATA (American Taekwondo Association) XMA Forms World Champion in the 11-12 boys black belt division.
  • 2016 World Champion in The League 13 and under hard creative forms black belt division
  • 2016 NBL (National Black Belt League) World Champion in the Black Belt 11 and under Hard Choreographed Musical Forms
  • 2016 NBL World Champion in the black belt 10-11 year old boys Hard Creative Forms Division.

He has also become an inspiration to other autistic children around the world.


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