West Jordan police and fire crews participate in active shooter drill

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WEST JORDAN, Utah -- West Jordan police and fire personnel teamed up with the Salt Lake County Health Department to carry out an active shooter drill Thursday, where employees were trained on how to responds to a mass casualty situation.

Law enforcement has been planning this drill for the last eight months.

“They told us to run or hide, those are the two main things you should always do whenever there is an active shooter around you,” said SLCHD employee Jessica Maple.

Sgt. Joe Monson of West Jordan PD elaborated on that advice.

“We want them to get out if they can," he said. "We want them to run, we want them to hide. If that’s not possible to run, we want them to fight, to do whatever they can to eliminate the threat to them or anyone else."

The drill took all afternoon at West Jordan’s new county Health Department building.

Make-up artists were also there to create "wounded" people who would be carried out by a Rescue Task Force and transferred by real ambulances to Utah Valley Hospital, where staff was also training its own triage center to handle mass casualty incidents.

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