Warning signs your teen is stressed out by school

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School and outside activities have begun, but what most parents don't realize is the amount of stress that it can place on a child. Lifeline's Clinical Director Dan Scholz tells us the warning signs of underlying problems when it comes to stress in adolescents.

Warning Signs
1. Changes- in friends, grades, behavior
2. Low motivation
3. Poor academic performance
4. Isolation
5. Somatic symptoms
6. Substance abuse/self harm

What can parents do?
1. Respond to your child`s needs
2. Create an open dialogue
3. Establish a support system at school
4. Learn about mental health disorders
5. Seek professional help

Since 1990, the LifeLine for Youth program has brought hope and healing to thousands of families suffering from substance abuse, depression, family relationship problems, criminal behavior, school problems, pornography, out-of-control and other destructive behaviors that prevent youth from being happy and successful. They help both teens and their families make positive changes for life. For more information, go here. 

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