College students gather to watch first presidential debate

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SALT LAKE CITY – Hundreds of college students gathered Hinckley Institute of Politics at the University of Utah to watch Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump spar on stage.

“It’s living up to the expectations, definitely,” said Brandon Ong about half an hour into the debate.

Ong said he expected a tense back-and-forth from the candidates and an entertaining night.

Others, seemed less impressed with the tone of the debate.

“It seems a little childish,” said Sawson Gholami.

Trump’s tone was a primary point of contention for many students. Joel Gardner said he agrees with half of what Trump says, but can’t see him as President due to his behavior during the debate and campaign.

Christian Mickelsen remains undecided, but had hoped to see Trump take a more ‘Presidential’ tone.

“I was disappointed. It diminished my chances for voting for Trump,” Mickelsen said.

The Hinckley Institute started a poll on Twitter after the debate.  As of 9:15 on Monday night, less than an hour after the debate ended, 73 percent said Hillary Clinton came out on top, 18 percent said Donald Trump and 9 percent were unsure.

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