Idaho school bus driver fired after caught pouring water on student

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JEROME, Idaho - A bus driver in an Idaho school district has been fired over a video allegedly showing her mistreating students.

North Side Bus Services fired Mary Black after a cell phone video surfaced that appears to show Black pouring water on Miguel Martinez, an 8th grade student at Jerome Middle School.

Martinez says Black was retaliating after he accidentally dropped a bottle of water.

"So she got mad and went and just walked and got the water bottle," he said. "She was like, 'I'm going to pour it on you 'cause you poured it on other people.' And I was like, 'That was an accident when I poured it on her... like, I didn't even mean to.' She was all like, 'And? And?' And that's when she started to pour the water and she says that it was an accident."

Another student on the bus, Brayan Tapia, caught the event on video saying he wanted to prove what he has been telling his parents for years.

"This has been going on for several years but no one's ever recorded her and each time we try to tell someone, she kicks us out of the bus and can't really do nothing about it; we have no evidence," he said.

Tapia says he hopes the video can shed light on the mistreatment of others.