Utah County Health Dept. warns of more algal blooms

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Courtesy: Utah County Health Dept.

PROVO, Utah – The Utah County Health Department is warning residents about more algal blooms in Utah County.

Utah Lake

  • American Fork Marina: changed from a CAUTION to WARNING advisory
  • Sandy Beach: remains at WARNING advisory
  • Saratoga Springs Marina: remains at WARNING advisory
  • Lincoln Beach: remains CLOSED
  • All other areas remain at a CAUTION advisory

Payson Lakes

  • McKellen Lake: changed from a CAUTION to WARNING advisory
  • Box Lake: remains at a WARNING advisory
  • Big East Lake: remains at a WARNING advisory

Utah County officials are continuing to monitor and test these bodies of water.

Officials said, a CAUTION advisory means swimming and other water activities are allowed, however, you should stay out of areas of scum.

In areas with a WARNING advisory, boating activities are allowed but you should avoid areas of scum.

Pets and livestock should not be in or drink the water at any advisory level.

Click here for complete information on algal blooms from the Utah DEQ.

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