5 Dog Friendly Hikes

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Outdoor blogger Shannon Hall shares her five favorite dog friendly hikes in Utah. You can get more great ideas from Shannon here. 

1. Millcreek Canyon
- any hike
- dogs are allowed off leash on odd-numbered days
- my personal favorites are Dog Lake (5 miles, moderate) and Grandeur Peak (5.3 miles, hard)
2. Ferguson Canyon (6.3 miles, hard, located off Wasatch just S of Big Cottonwood Canyon)
- awesome in the Spring because of the water on the trail
- easy access for after-work hikes
3. Adam's Canyon (3.8 miles, moderate, located in Layton)
- not too steep until the last stretch
- dogs are allowed in the water
- gorgeous waterfall at the end
4. Fifth Water Hot Springs (5.1 miles, easy, located off Spanish Fork Canyon)
- easy, mostly flat terrain
- the payoff - hot springs - is beautiful, relaxing, and your pup can even bathe with you!
5. Silver Lake, American Fork Canyon (4.5 miles, moderate, located above Silver Lake Flats)
- not as crowded as Dog Lake
- dogs can play in the water
- beautiful hike and destination
Bonus: Lower Calf Creek Falls (5.7 miles, easy, located in Grand Staircase-Escalante)
- beautiful waterfall where dogs can swim and play
- the hike is sandy and can get very hot, so make sure you bring extra water for your pup
- trailhead also has a dog friendly campsite