Costa Vida: Every burrito comes smothered!

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Chef Geoff Alter from Costa Vida showed us how to properly roll homemade tortillas today.
• Costa Vida tortillas begin as dough that`s made from scratch every morning. They are pressed and cooked throughout the day. They only have a 10-minute shelf life, so the tortillas you eat at Costa Vida are the freshest tortillas you can get!
• Costa Vida tortillas include only 4 ingredients (flour, salt, shortening, and water), making them fluffy and delicious with no questionable additions or preservatives.

The Burritos
• Smothered burritos are now the standard at Costa Vida! Burritos are stuffed with meat, cheese, rice, beans and sauce, then smothered with extra sauce and melted cheese.
• Pick a protein like Sweet Pork, Raspberry Chicken, Shredded Beef, Grilled Steak, and Grilled Chicken. Choose from sauces like Roasted Green Chile, Tomatillo Cilantro, or Red Enchilada.

The Food
• Costa Vida food is made with passion, from scratch, every day. We only use the highest quality, all-natural, and fresh ingredients.
• Visit to find the location nearest you!
• Costa Vida uses...
o 90,000 Hass Avocados per month
o 115,000 pounds of fresh Tomatoes per month
o 95,000 heads of fresh romaine lettuce per month
o 180,000 pounds of Flour per month for the tortillas
o 1.3 million pounds of raw Pork Cushion per year

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