Be Well Utah begins week of health events with ‘Walk Away Obesity’

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MURRAY, Utah – Utahns walked their way to a healthier lifestyle Saturday in Murray at the first of many health related events planned for Be Well Utah.

Be Well Utah features family-friendly health events through August 27, and Saturday’s Walk Away Obesity event got things started.

Participants walked at Wheeler Farm, and former and future bariatric surgery patients were among them. Lavar Edwards said he weighed 521 pounds at one point but now weighs less than half that amount.

Edwards said he lost about 20 pounds before undergoing surgery, and he’s also had to make some positive lifestyle changes.

“I think my experience has been very similar to quite a few people that I’ve met in that I really enjoyed food,” he said. “Most of my activities revolved around food, so, when we would go out with friends or we would go see a movie or we would go out to the park, it was always around picnic or dinner or eating.”

Be Well Utah continues through Saturday August 27, see the calendar below for times and dates for each event.

be well calendar

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