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3 steps to building a network for women in business

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Women network differently than men, and when it comes to relationships in business, women need to learn how to successfully build strong relationships and forge partnership which can help them solve business problems, create new opportunities and even find a mentor for support. It`s all about who you know, who that person knows and how willing you are to help each other. Ann Marie Wallace with Women's Business Center and Emily Potts, owner of Sugar House Coffee, shared three essential ways a woman can build herself a successful network.

  1. Get involved. Find ways to involve yourself and be visible
    • Serve on committees & boards
    • Join professional groups
    • Attend events
  2. Help Others. Find ways to help others succeed:
    • Be a genuine friend
    • Connect others to your contacts
  3. Ask for Help. Don`t be afraid to ask for:
    • Ideas of who to connect with
    • Advice on how to connect
    • Introductions

A woman business owner can be surprised at how much easier it is to move her businesses forward with a few high-quality connections.

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