Hogle Zoo throws ‘Star Wars’ themed birthday party for Zuri the elephant

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SALT LAKE CITY — Utah’s Hogle Zoo is celebrating World Elephant Day as well as a birthday this weekend, and the party for Zuri’s seventh featured a “Star Wars” theme.

The party for 7-year-old Zuri featured a banner and various “Star Wars” decorations, some of which did not stand up to the elephant’s playful interactions. See the video above for footage (Zuri knocks out the banner and Darth Vader starting about 3:15 into the video.)

The birthday party celebrated Zuri’s life and also raised awareness for the plight of elephants, 96 of which are killed in Africa each day on average. The party featured activities for guests like making origami elephants or coloring.

Event organizers encourage folks to visit 96elephants.org to sign a petition to save elephants.

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