Former President Bill Clinton visits Utah for Hillary Clinton Campaign

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PARK CITY, Utah -- Former President Clinton was greeted by men and women on both sides of the aisle around 1 p.m. Thursday in Park City.

Among them was Peter Clemens, a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives District One.

"It was vintage President Clinton," Clemens said. "He’s a storyteller. He spent a lot of time talking with people."

It was held at the home of Amy and Barry Baker, who have hosted events for President Clinton and President Bush before.

"It was held at their Glenwild Estate back terrace, and there were probably 250 people in attendance," Clemens said.

Clemens said Clinton focused on a theme of building bridges and working together, mentioning his son-in-law's relationship with a Utah favorite.

"His favorite organization is actually Ann Romney’s favorite organization, and they sit on a board together," Clemens said. "He talked about that’s the way that we need to work together as Americans."

However, not everyone welcomed Clinton to Park City with open arms. David Novak, a Trump supporter since 2012, waited more than an hour to greet President Clinton with his sign.

"Trump makes a lot of people nervous, but change makes people nervous because its like that leap of faith," he said. "You have to take that first step. Without change we're doomed."

However, President Clinton made a point to say he wasn't there to talk about Donald Trump. Although he did say, from his understanding, Utahns are not a fan of insults.

"He said that road rage feels good but its not constructive and doesn’t build anything," Clemens said. "And he thought his wife, Hillary Clinton, would be someone who would build rather than tear down."

Clemens has not endorsed a candidate for President and is still making up his mind.

The event cost $1,000 to attend and $10,000 for VIP access.

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