Police remove pane of glass, grab man trying to climb Trump Tower with suction cups

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UPDATE: Police removed a pane of glass from Trump Tower and were able to grab the climber and bring him indoors. The man was pulled inside around 4:30 p.m. MT.

It was not clear if anyone was injured during the incident, which lasted for at least two hours.

A YouTube video posted Tuesday appears to show the man explaining the his reasons for making the climb. His identity has not yet been confirmed.

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NEW YORK — Twitter users posted photos and videos of a man who started scaling Trump Tower in Manhattan Wednesday afternoon.

Police are currently on the scene, located on East 56th Street in midtown, as of 4:45 ET.

Witnesses say he appears to be using suction cups to climb the side of the building, according to WPIX.

The daredevil drew a massive police response, a crowd of officers can be seen below him, trying to talk the man into coming down.

It’s not the first time a daredevil has taken to climbing a skyscraper in New York City. In 1977, George Willig scaled 2 World Trade Center, one of the 110-story Twin Towers.

As recently as 2008, the New York Times building was scaled by three different men over a few days in June 2008.

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