New Lays Flavors Taste Test

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Some were really good, some were really bad! Here is our very professional rating of the news Lays flavors:

The limited-time potato chip flavors, inspired by the Summer Olympics, are:

Chinese Szechuan Chicken(inspired by Sichuan peppers): 3/5 not much flavor, we thought there would be more of a spicy kick

Brazilian Picanha (skewered-grilled steak with chimichurri sauce): 1/5 you should NOT make meat flavored chips

Wavy Greek Tzatziki (flavored with dill, garlic and other spices): 5/5 similar to sour cream and onion flavor, but even better. Everyone liked this one.

Kettle Cooked Indian Tikka Masala (a tomato-based dish with tumeric and cumin): 2/5 not a favorite because the taste really doesn't even come close to the real thing.

Have you tried them yet?  Let us know what you think!