The GOP convention’s unofficial slogan: ‘Lock her up’

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By Chris Moody

CNN Senior Digital Correspondent

CLEVELAND (CNN) — Watch out, “Make America Great Again,” the delegates at the Republican National Convention are warming up to a new favorite slogan: “Lock her up.”

For a second night in a row, delegates on the floor of the convention chanted the phrase, directed toward presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who they say should face charges for setting up a private email server for official state business.

The chant, which delegates began on the first night of the convention Monday, was revived again Tuesday when New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie began a speech by making a case against Clinton.

“In the past few weeks, we’ve seen the Justice Department refuse to prosecute her. Over the last eight years, we’ve seen this administration refuse to hold her accountable for her dismal record as secretary of state,” Christie said. “So let’s do something fun tonight. Tonight, as a former federal prosecutor, I welcome the opportunity to hold Hillary Rodham Clinton accountability for her performance and character.”

Delegates in the crowd below began to yell: “Lock her up! Locker her up! Lock her up!”

Christie paused for several seconds at it spread throughout the room.

“Alright, alright. We’re getting there. Give me a few more minutes, we’ll get there,” Christie said, and continued his remarks.

The chant was first heard the night before during a speech by Retired Lt. General Mike Flynn said: “We do not need a reckless president who believes she is above the law.”

“Lock her up, that’s right,” Flynn said. “Lock her up.”

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