Moose survives incredible collision with SUV

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WARNING: Video may be upsetting to some audiences.  

WHITE RIVER NATIONAL FOREST, Colo. – An SUV and a moose collided in Colorado and the animal went flying into the air.

The good news is, the moose survived the accident, according to KCNC.

But it’s hard to believe after seeing the video.

Kayla Whitehead posted this on YouTube:

“On our way to go backpacking in Eagles Nest Wilderness, CO, we pulled over to watch 2 moose running along HWY 9 as one moose took a turn for the road and the other stopped to watch. An oncoming car didn’t see what was coming. I think the guys were just from out of town and didn’t know that a bunch of cars pulled over means there’s wildlife on mountain roads. Be careful driving mountain roads- watch for wildlife! When you see a bunch of cars pulled over near ‘watch for wildlife’ signs, there’s probably an animal near the road. The car windshield was shattered and nearly broke through. The people in the car said they were OK. The moose left a skid mark of hair on the road and limped off slowly into the bushes. Parks and Rec said they followed the moose tracks a ways and it seemed to have walked off, so it might have made it! It was upsetting to watch.”

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