Utah man suing for right to marry his computer

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UTAH COUNTY -- Chris Sevier wants to marry his computer.

"This is not a game, OK, this is not some kind of funny scenario," Sevier said.

Sevier made his intentions known and went to Utah County Clerk Bryan Thompson to ask for a marriage license.

"In this day and age nothing surprises me anymore," Thompson said. "I’ve been in this office long enough, I’ve seen lots of different things, but I just said, 'No, I legally cannot do that.'"

Sevier named Thompson, Utah Governor Gary Herbert, and Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes in the case filed in district court last week.

He says since it's legal for same-sex couples to marry, all other forms of marriage should be legal too. Sevier says legalizing same-sex marriage is like turning religious beliefs into law because he says there's no scientific proof that homosexuality is a genetic trait.

"There is no real proof that there is a gay gene," he said. "There is no real proof that people are born gay."

During a Skype interview, FOX 13 News' Dora Scheidell asked Sevier if he's sexually attracted to his computer.

"Whatever a person has sex with they can bond with," he said. "This is getting into nasty facts stuff, and the truth is that’s engaging in private intimacy matters, and that's completely irrelevant for the purposes of federal court, and it's completely irrelevant for the legal matters at hand."

Sevier did say if the Supreme Court nullifies their ruling and redefines marriage as a union between a man and woman, he would no longer want to marry his computer.

"I stipulate there is no marriage like man-woman marriage," Sevier said.

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