How to handle a tantrum

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It isn't only kids who can throw a tantrum, adults are just as guilty. But what's the best way to handle that dreaded public breakdown with your kid? Best selling author of The Child Whisperer, Carol Tuttle, shares a three step drill to help you put out the tantrum!

  • BREATH Take a deep breath, drop in to your heart energy and stay calm, avoid going in to a counter tantrum. Don`t match their energy with a similar energy
  • SHIFT Shift the energy by first removing yourself and your child to a private setting and then shift their energy with a spinal flush
  • RESOLVE Resolve the issue, depending on their age, will determine your resolution strategy
    • 4 and under: What does my child need right now, what is the priority? Food, sleep, change of environment, physical activity
    • 5 and up: Ask the question - 'what are you upset about? Listening with empathy usually helps your child to settle down. Work on a resolution together.
    • Another question to ask yourself a a parent, 'am I giving my child adequate attention during the day, or are they needing to throw tantrums to get my attention.

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