3 Questions with Bob Evans: Chia-Chi Teng discusses his race against Rep. Chaffetz

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SALT LAKE CITY -- In this week's edition of 3 Questions with Bob Evans, Chia-Chi Teng came to the FOX 13 Studio to discuss his run for Congress against incumbent Jason Chaffetz.

Teng, a Republican and a native of Taiwan, spoke to Bob Evans about his journey into politics and the upcoming election. See the video above for his interview, including his answers to the 3 Questions listed below:

  1. Who are you, what got you here, and how has that prepared you for what you're about to do?
  2.  Why should Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz lose his job?
  3. As a native of Taiwan, what have you noticed about this country that those of us who were born and raised here may not notice?
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