Utah Department of Public Safety unveils new design for concealed firearm permits

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SALT LAKE CITY - The Utah Department of Public Safety has changed the logo and design of concealed firearm permit cards.

The old card that had a red stripe along the top is set to be phased out over the next five years.  The new card does not have a red line but otherwise looks similar to the old one.  Both cards will be valid until the expiration date listed on the specific cards.

"The message is both of these cards, the old card with the red banner will be valid until its expiration date and the new card will be valid as soon as someone receives it," Lieutenant Ryan Vanfleet of the Utah Department of Public Safety said.

Nearly 70 percent of the 500,000 plus Utah concealed carry permit holders live outside the state.


  • Whoopie-Doo

    70% of 500,000? That’s 350,000 permits outside the state of Utah. That just goes to show how weak the Utah CCW is and that it is really just a cash cow for the state.

  • Bob of all Bobs

    “500,000 plus Utah concealed carry permit holders” Just goes to show that the state hands these out like candy at a fourth of July parade.

  • Jackie B.

    You may want to check other states like Az and how many out of state folks they have as well as Idaho. Utah is no different than other states if you do your homework.

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