Political expert offers insight after Mitt Romney meets to discuss third-party candidate

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Former Hinckley Institute Director and longtime Mitt Romney supporter Kirk Jowers gave insight into Romney’s recent private meeting that centered on pushing a third-party candidate into the presidential race.

“Trump and Clinton are historically unpopular candidates, and people would love to find someone besides those two to run,” Jowers said.

Romney made veiled remarks about Donald Trump on Saturday, during a commencement speech at Trine University in Indiana, where he warned graduates about the current political mess.

"We live in tumultuous times,” he said. “Demagogues on the right and the left draw upon our darker angels, scapegoating immigrants and Muslims."

The Definition of a demagogue: “A political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument,” according to the top result on Google.

To someone like Romney, that’s the classic definition of Donald Trump.

Romney’s disdain for Trump is no secret. And his speech dovetailed off of a private meeting with conservative columnist William Kristol, about the possibility of bringing in a third-party candidate into the presidential race.

Could that person be Romney himself? In that meeting, Kristol supposedly suggested Romney make the consideration.

Jowers said Romney could be a popular choice.

“He has almost a hundred percent name recognition, so that step one is done,” Jowers said. “He can raise money like nobody else. He could have hundreds of millions tomorrow if he threw his hat in. So for that reason, he is highly attractive and you will see people continue to push to get him in this race.”

But, Jowers admitted, pushing an Independent candidate into the race now is nearly a moot point.

“We’re really close to being too late for anyone to get in as a legitimate Independent candidate,” he said. “That’s because different states have different requirements, different signature requirements and other processes that you need to go through.”

Plus, Romney has repeatedly said he’s not going down that path.


  • Patti

    Mitt only matters in Utah. Please go away Mitt! Stop reporting on him. Leave it to Deseret news to do the Churches bidding!

    • James sherratt

      Wake up and stop hating people for there freedom of religious choice, you know his political views are much better than the two out there.

  • Brad

    I would vote for Hillary before Mittins Utah loves this guy and i can’t figure out why.
    He never saved the 2002 games it was the federal gov. Think back people (hint 9/11/2001).

  • sloughfoot

    Do you really want to be respondsible for spliting the Republican party?? People have had enough. Nothing has gotten done for years EXCEPT congress bickering and grandstanding. Congress acts likes a bunch of 2 year olds on the playground. Is this just a game for you all?? You have said you won’t run forpresident again. You sure as heck won’t because people will NOT forget what you are doing here. You should be uniting the Republicans instead of stupidly playing this game of independant candidate. You may hate Trump but it is the career politicians who have got us to where we are now.Go home Mitt. You are done!

  • bob

    I told you Mainstream Mitt, the Establishment’s tool, would do everything in his power to put Hillary in the White House.

    It’s tough being right all the time.

  • Hyrum_Justice

    Chump and this idiotski are both repugnicans. I say let them both run. Both together don’t make a bag of puke. Repugnicans will lose this election due to their greed and inability to do anything but vote themselves raises and go on vacations.

    • bob

      Because Democrats never vote themselves raises, and Obama never goes on vacation.

      Got any more comedy to share? Only a complete moron believes there is a difference between a Democrat and a Republican.

  • TruthSeeker

    3rd party candidate equals a Hillary Clinton president. Hillary will think this insantity is Hillary’ous.

  • Lee

    His puppet master bush can’t have their New World Order if Trump ends up winning. In fact, many of them just might end up in prison.

  • Blade

    If Romney ran Third Party that would give Hillary an easy cake walk into the White House. It would be stupid for Romney to run Third Party. After all, Romney is a “Quitter”. Her had his chance to run for the Republican candidacy again but he blew it. He is and always be seen as a “Quitter” and this is why we now have Trump as the nominee.

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