Two booked on homicide charges; Ogden police believe shooting was gang-related

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OGDEN, Utah — A man critically injured in an Ogden shooting has died and two people were booked on homicide and obstruction of justice charges related to the Friday incident.

The shooting is believed to be gang related, according to a press release from Ogden police.

At about 2:40 p.m., Ogden police responded to a home on the 500 block of 31st Street. When officers arrived they found a 29-year-old Miguel Angel Rios with multiple gunshots, the release states. He was taken to an area hospital where he later died from his injuries.

Officers later learned suspects ran from the residence on 31st Street to a residence on the 3000 block of Porter Avenue. A search warrant was served on the home by the Ogden Metro SWAT Team, according to the release.

Devin Smith, 19, and Jeremy Moncada, 19, were found and taken into custody.

During the course of the investigation, authorities learned Smith and Moncada had documented gang history and believed the victim claimed a rival gang.

Smith was booked into the Weber County Jail on criminal homicide, obstruction of justice and possession of a firearm by a restricted person.

Moncada was also booked into jail on charges of obstruction of justice and possession of a firearm by a restricted person.


  • anotherbob

    Losers all losers, glad these two losers took out another loser and not some bystander.

  • wick308

    Wait that albino guy is a gang member?? What like the Ganges of Disney Land lol sigh looks more like a Neo-Nazi.. Lock em up and throw away they key!

  • Geri Gallegos

    Hi to anyone whose concerned Jeremy is my son not a gang member he’s a good kid I know it my heart he’s innocent he would not hurt anyone he’s very giving honest and liked .plz remove the gang quote .


      You’re putting us on ….. right? Jeremy is documented gang member who is now looking at serious prison time if convicted of this murder. I for one am glad he is off the street and in jail.

    • Jackie B.

      It looks like dumb and Dumber got caught as they were seen leaving the residence where a person was murdered. These 2 losers are KNOWN gang bangies and I am glad the police got them and now they will be off the streets for a long time. Can they say Hello BUBBA

    • bob

      No he’s not. He’s a murdering piece of sh*t who grew up without a father because YOU are an irresponsible meat sack who couldn’t keep her knees together, and now he’s going to rot in a concrete box until he dies.

    • Pal

      These are someone’s children who apparently committed crimes. One was charged with homicide and one (Jeremy) according to the article, was charged with “obstruction of justice” and “possession of a firearm by a restricted person.” It’s easy to make cavalier comments about people who are not your children. And to be gruesomely gleeful in hateful statements like “Yay there’s three off the street” including the person who was killed – what have we come to? Would you say this to the parents’ faces of any of these three young men? I would be filled with agony and rage if my child were killed, or if my child were one of the perpetrators of violence. But to sit here and snipe -what good does that do anyone? Does anyone here volunteer their time to teens, especially teens at risk? Help at the Homeless Youth Resource Center? Donate food to the shelter? Give shoes to the kids at the poorer schools who show up in the winter in flip flops? No? Then be quiet. And thank God in heaven that none of these kids are yours tonight. What can we do, individually, even something small – really really small – that might make a difference? Not preachy Jesus-y or church-y stuff. Because in my experience, that just makes most people feel cruddy. But how about something that matters? How about treating each other, at least on this page, like human beings? It’s a start. I am not saying that these people shouldn’t be tried and shouldn’t go to prison, perhaps for a very long time. But even Peter was in prison. And was visited in prison. Thanks for reading.

      • BOB

        These are adult criminals with zero regard for human life. They’d just as soon shoot you Pal as one of their own. They are a den of vipers and decient society benefits every time they take one of themselves out of the gene pool.

      • Please, no more Bobs

        You’re making judgments about all of the people commenting with even less information than we have in the article about all of these guys. I am glad they’re off the streets. Would you rather have them still out on the streets to destroy peoples’ lives? It’s unfortunate that one of them had to die for this to happen, but the world is a better place with them off the streets.

    • Reign

      Clearly your son represents his gang on his social media don’t be so blinded &’ try to act like your son is innocent. Why did they run if they’re innocent? Dumb ass . What a coward they are having to shoot people.

  • west Martin

    I am glad looser are caught I do not like someone being murder and murderer get away now justice Will be serve. That why I say from first day that GOD let criminal get caught.

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