Construction underway on Hale Centre Theatre’s new Sandy location

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SANDY, Utah -- From humble beginnings in South Salt Lake to a first class facility in West Valley City, the Hale Centre Theatre is on the move again—this time to Sandy.

“All I hear when I go and talk to people is, when is it gonna happen? We're so pleased to have it,” Sandy Mayor Tom Dolan said of the theater.

Right now, the only music being made at the structure in Sandy is the sound of construction equipment. But that should change by the end of next year.

"The first five shows of the season will remain in West Valley City while this big baby is being built," said Sally Dietlein, Vice President of the theater.

And, it's a big baby—with walls rising 120 feet.

“Underground, below the surface, there's a tremendous amount of construction that's been accomplished,” Dolan said.

When it's all done, there will actually be two theaters under one roof.

“The Jewel Box theater here in the new Sandy City center seats 460 on 10 rows, extra leg room, beautiful burgundy seating,” Dietlein said.

The other theater will have 900 seats, Dielein said, along, “With technology that will literally take your breath away, like nothing else on the planet.”

Dolan said the building will cost more than $70 million.

“This kind of world-class premier facility is being built for the actors who live, breathe, and work here in Utah," Dietlein said. "Where they have raised their families, where they have learned their craft, where they want to be, and they are being given a professional facility to  be able to play literally any part they win."

The first show in the main theater will be "Aida" with music by Elton John. It is scheduled to open in November of 2017.


  • FinnyWiggen

    Best theater, only professional team to win a title, free parking, no tickets for idling, best restaurants, best shopping…

    Remind me again why I ever need to enter SLC…

    Sad to watch the city proper decline, while everywhere around it thrives.

    Without the church (that the city can’t stand) they wouldn’t have anything!

    • Hewwro

      So the surrounding areas should be “thanking” the LDS Church for improving downtown and turn a blind eye to all of the awful things they represent? Also, where did god say “Thou shalt build a billion dollar mall! And that mall should serve alcohol, tea, and coffee in it’s restaurants — even-though it’s against the Word of Wisdom!”?

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