Voter turnout concerns as Trump becomes presumptive Republican nominee, experts say

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SALT LAKE CITY — Donald Trump, who was defeated by a wide margin in the Beehive State, is the presumptive Republican nominee for president.

“You either vote for Clinton, you stay home or you certainly skip that race on your ticket,” said Maura Carabello, President of the Exoro Group, a political consultant based in Salt Lake City.

An unpopular presidential pick at the top of the ticket could impact voter turnout. For Utah Republicans in tight races, it could spell trouble.

“If there is an unpopular president and there is no reason for Republicans to show up, it’s really going to hurt Mia Love in this race,” Carabello said.

Love is up for re-election for the first time.

In 2014, Love beat Democrat Doug Owens by five percent.

Once again she is facing Owens.  Both national parties have put some focus on Love’s seat in congress.

Trump on the ticket would seem to be good for Owens, but he faces his own national challenge.

“The Democrats in Utah also have a big problem, they voted overwhelmingly for Bernie Sanders and they’re going to end up with Hillary Clinton,” said Boyd Matheson, president of the conservative think tank the Sutherland Group.

Utah Democrats gave Sanders one of his most lopsided wins and Clinton never has visited the Beehive State as a presidential candidate.

Matheson thinks the voter apathy will be evenly spread between Democrats and Republicans and will not have a significant impact for any local candidate.

He also thinks Utah voters will go through a period of mourning, but will come around to back Trump.

“I don’t think Hillary has a chance in Utah,” Matheson said.

It could turn into a numbers game, the focus less on who shows up to vote, but who doesn’t show up.

“Voter turnout is going to be lower. The lower it gets I’m going to say the odds are higher for Clinton… I think she’s got a shot in Utah,” Carabello said.


  • bob

    I had pretty much made up my mind to skip it, for the first time in my adult life, but angry liberals and screaming Mexicans have convinced me to not only vote, but to actively campaign. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    TRUMP 2016!!! Let’s shove him down their throats.

    • bob of all bobs

      Really Bob?, you really hate liberals and Mexicans that much that you are willing to sell yourself out to Trump?
      So should I even ask who Republicans think are more evil? Isis or liberals?

      • Used to Bob

        Well that escalated quickly! You’re just as bad as all the people claiming Obama is the same as Hitler.

      • liberalssuck

        Here slobofallslobs,let me clarify,what we hate is illagals burning our flag,flipping us off,killing americans,draining our tax dollars and giving the leftover scraps to our veterans and elderly.Make a little more sense to your pea size liberal brain?

      • bob

        Liberals are all child molesters and drug pushers, so yes. I’m willing.

        Hillary is the dirtiest crook in politics. And, as a young attorney, she successfully defended a pervert who raped a 12 year old by telling the jury that the girl “wanted it” because she “fantasized about old men.” True story.

        She’s the scum of the Earth, and I’d vote for Satan before I’d vote for Hillary.

  • Wannabob

    It bugs me so much to hear people saying they didn’t vote just because they didn’t like the options for president. It’s a very ignorant thing to do. Sure, the president is an important part of what we’re voting for, but there are many other issues that could make a huge difference.

  • Apologist JD

    The problem is that Trump is no better and frankly not very different from Hillary. So voting for him isn’t really all that different from voting for Hillary, which is why I will not do it. If we keep falling in line behind the crummy candidates we keep getting from the Repubs, guess what kind of candidates we’ll keep getting from them!

  • Harold Block

    The odds were even worse at the beginning of the primary. That thing seems to have turned out ok for Trump. And what is this “stay home” garbage? More people have come out to vote for Trump in this primary than any Republican ever. For every voter “staying “home” there are five new Trump voters that haven’t voted in years. And let’s not forget that 10 moderate, disenfranchised Democrats are going to vote for Trump in November for every one Republican that stays home or votes for Clinton. I’m an Independent that has lived in New York for 40 years and I can tell you there are many, many Democrats that can’t wait to vote for Trump in November. As crazy as it sounds, even winning New York isn’t out of the question for Trump.

  • Melissa Lewis

    I will turn out, but will not vote for Trump. I will use the write-in option or will vote for another party, but Trump will not get my vote. I do need to make sure I participate for the other races and initiatives who are counting on voters to turn out.

  • Norman Hallman

    2016 will be the year of Donald Trumps Triumph and the coat tails will be long and distinguished. There will not be another squandered mandate like in 2014. Now that it is looking like those of us who have been writing support for Donald Trump in the Primary can give the Democrats our full and undivided focus and get our inch and a half long poison fangs in old Hillary and Bernie’s putrid flesh then that black, women and millennial pike dream will turn into a NIGHTMARE and come down like a house of cards. The Republicans who vote are voting for Donald Trump and all that clap-trap from those disgruntled establishment Republican crowd are acting like the welfare blacks and Whiggers in the Democrat party; they spurned their civic duty and didn’t get off that lazy ASSES and go VOTE. There are a lot of Democrats who own fire arms I wonder who they will be voting for???? What Say You to that Hillary??? – Bernie??? Go a head and listen to the Ultra Liberal Press and their fake polls if you want. They lack the integrity of the little kid in “The Kings New Cloths” fairy-tale and certainly don’t have the the balls to tell the King He is “NAKED” at the Royal Parade… DON”T LET TRUMP DOWN!!!! CLOSE THE DEAL!!!! VOTE FOR DONALD TRUMP!!! All owners of fire arms in the U.S.A. need to make sure you get out and vote early for a U.S.A. Presidential Candidate that supports the Second Amendment of our Constitution. That would be Donald Trump and it sure as HELL is NOT Gun Grabbing witch bag Hillary Clinton. I have many reservations and concerns about Bernie Sanders he has a very unclear stance on fire arms ownership and the Second Amendment and supports way too many of Obama’s programs and executive orders. How in the world could you ever trust a socialist who flip flops almost as much as Mitt Romney did. Vote with an early ballot for a second amendment supporter. This way you don’t even have to walk by those out protesting, electioneering for the Liberal Democrats or the R.N.C. supporters still trying to get you to vote for the Republican establishment candidate… Donald Trump is the only candidate for president who even looks, acts or sounds Presidential amongst the 2016 group running for the Office of President of the U.S.A. Republican or Democrat. I am going to vote for Donald Trump and every other Republican candidate I am entitled to in both the primary and then the 2016 general election. I already have new tires and can now afford plenty of gas for my old pickup-truck to drive to the polls. (Yeah! I KNOW I LOST MY TEXAS VOTE, BUT AT LEAST I VOTED…) As for all you WHY BABIES out there!!! Here your answer-Revenge for putting up with INCOMPETENT NINCOMPOOP Obama being President of the U.S.A. going on eight years. I have supported Donald Trump since he first announced his candidacy and will continue to do so until the last drop of blood at the U.S.A. general election… GO DONALD! – GO DONALD!! – GO DONALD!!! – GO!!!!

  • Janice Nunley Erickson

    It’s always been Trump! He is the only one in this world gone crazy that makes any sense! Like a breath of fresh air he will get us back on track! So refreshing to have someone who actually loves this Country and wants to build us up not down! With Trump for President and Johnson as Governer I might finally be happy to live in Utah as lately Utah has lost their everloving minds, so ashamed to say I live here in this sanctuary state!

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