3 Questions with Bob Evans: Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown

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SALT LAKE CITY -- In this week's edition of 3 Questions with Bob Evans, Mike Brown sits down to discuss police work and public scrutiny.

Brown was named the interim chief of the department after Chris Burbank's departure last June, and the position was recently made official. See the video above for Brown's interview, which includes the answers to the three questions listed below:

  1. With police under such scrutiny, that must be a real pressure-cooker for everyone in the department to be under such a microscope all the time?
  2. How do you account for the grief that overcomes a community when a police officer is killed in the line of duty?
  3. Is it a requirement that all Salt Lake City Police Chiefs have no hair?


  • bob

    My question: Are you going to tell your officers who live in Tooele that the speed limit on I-80 applies to EVERYONE, and suggest that they slow down to something under 100 mph? I’ve been watching them commute back and forth at triple digit speeds for 20 years now.


      Police receive professional courtesy from fellow officers. (Google it.) The reason behind it is that when a police officer’s life is on the line and he asks a fellow oficer to step it up he doesn’t want that officer to be the person he just gave a ticket to. You don’t have to like it Bob. Just learn to live with it.

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