Millcreek man faces child abuse charges; 18-month-old has died

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UPDATE: The charges in the case have been amended to child abuse homicide Sunday after police confirmed the 18-month-old boy died due to his injuries. 

Police also confirmed the relationship between suspect and victim, saying Codey Jolley is Ethan’s stepfather and that the boy is 18 months old rather than 16 months as previously reported.

Previous story continues below:

MILLCREEK, Utah – A man is facing charges including attempted child abuse homicide after an 18-month-old boy suffered critical injuries in Millcreek and is not expected to survive.

According to a statement of probable cause, police responded to a Millcreek home in the area of 300 East and 4100 South Friday.

Officers found a 18-month-old boy who had suffered trauma to his upper body and who was unconscious and not breathing. The boy had been floating face down in a bath tub, and while the man caring for the boy said it was an accident, police say it may have been an intentional act of abuse.

Police stated, “The child’s injuries were consistent with abuse and [because of the] severity of the injuries he is not expected to survive.” The child was flown to a hospital, and Saturday he remained in critical condition.

Codey Jolley was the only person at the home with the child. During the investigation, police stated they learned that the child had reportedly spilled scalding coffee on his head and upper torso about three weeks prior. The child suffered second and third-degree burns, and Jolley was the only person home with the child at the time.

Jolley also stated that on Tuesday the boy had fallen from his high chair, striking his head on the table and bruising the right side of his face. Jolley was the only person at home with the child at the time, police stated.

Friday, Jolley said he had placed the boy in the bathtub with water in it, leaving the child in a sitting position while he went to clean some things and cook a burrito. Jolley said when he returned, he found the boy floating face down.

Jolley told police he started CPR but realized he didn’t know what he was doing, so he then called 911. Det. Ken Hansen of the Unified Police Department said the drowning may have been a deliberate act.

“It’s early in the investigation, but after a closer look it appears that this is not an accident, so today we booked the live-in boyfriend for attempted child abuse homicide and child abuse,” he said.

Hansen said that it is critical for parents to scrutinize any injuries their children suffer, and he said it’s important not to deny the possibility that abuse is occurring.

“Well, a lot of times, you know, you have to look for the little things,” Hansen said. “If there’s any indicators of any physical harm to the child, you can’t just deny that, you have to look at it and find out who did it. And if it happens to be a live-in boyfriend or a live-in girlfriend, or whatever the case may be, then that needs to be reported, and they need to be removed from where the child is.”

Codey Jolley faces one count of attempted child abuse homicide as a first-degree felony and child abuse with serious physical injuries as a third-degree felony.


  • BOB

    Is there a female in this poor baby’s life? Somebody had to conceive and give birth to him. Surely somebody besides Mr. Jolley must have observed the suffering this baby was experiencing.

    • bob

      I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: YOUR SHACK-UPS WILL KILL YOUR BABIES!

      Human females are the only ones in the animal kingdom who can’t seem to figure this out.

      • Janis

        This mother seemed to love losers as poor little Ethan’s biological father is a SO he was convinced of sex with a minor in the 3rd degree.

    • Madds

      That is not true. This is my nephew and she was at work when this happened. She had no idea what was going on.

      • Scgg

        I am so sorry for the pain this man has caused you and your family. I will be sending good vibes your way. Science and doctors are amazing, and miracles can happen. My thoughts are with you all.

      • BOB

        The mother had no idea about burns the child suffered about three weeks prior? How stupid do you think we are MADDS? She was willing to trade her baby’s safety in exchange for someone to warm her bed at night. Your comment just doesn’t pass the smell test.

        Now she’s going to have to get a brand new boyfriend.

      • Madds

        CPS investigated that and said it was an accident. Accidents happen. This time they just happened to be wrong. And she is paying for that. Ethan is soaring high now.

      • april

        you are ignorant, move on. All the injuries Ethan kept coming up with dont tell me she didnt know. She put her man frst and because of that a child was tortured and murdered!!!

      • Bob

        “Ethan is soaring high now.” No, ur nephew killed him, A BABY!! Lets put our superstitions away for a sec,, and look at reality!!!

        This was not the first incident!!!

        i hate to break it to u, make alllll the excuses u want to make, Ur nephew is a MONSTER!! I truly hope he has a miserable excistance in big boy in the but t prison

      • Madds

        No you misunderstood. My nephew is ethan and that monster killed him. But do not blame ethans mother.

      • Janis

        So as a mother & CNA she didn’t think anything of the terrible burns that were clearly not from him spilling coffee on himself? or the fall from the high chair resulting in a head injury the day before he died? I didn’t realize she is blind & deaf. This child was failed by anyone who saw his burns & didn’t think to question or report it.

      • Laura

        Well maybe she should have had an idea of what was going on……since she left her 18 month old son in his care.

    • Melanie Moore

      This story sickens me. I would love to pour scolding hot coffee on this monster. Then drop him from a 200′ jagged cliff on his head a few times. Then put him in a deep scalding hot salt water bath hog tied. And then I think I’d go make me a burrito. Ya right!!! The mother is just as much to blame. She should of got rid of him then!!!DID HER JOB MAKE HER BLIND OR HARD OF HEARING? This story is as sad as little Nathan Sloop in my opinion!!!

  • L. Rutt

    I’ve known Codey since he was a kid. He wouldn’t hurt anyone. He’s a dumbass, but he’s not child-abuser. At most he’s at fault for neglect. If I didn’t know who he was personally, and I would probably jump on the bandwagon and paint him as a monster as well, but ANYONE who knows this guy knows that he’d never murder a kid. He’d never beat a kid. He’d never abuse a kid. He’s lived in my house before, WITH my kid. He’s a mooch and a dumbass, but he’s got a good heart. I don’t care what the media and the cops are painting him as. I know child abusers, and this guy isn’t one of them. So, innocent until proven guilty.

  • Casey

    I know Codey personally as well. Ive known him for 12 years. I’m sure he should be found guilty of neglect, but he would never abuse a child. This was his wife’s son. He has three small kids of his own and he is a kind and loving father. I’m not defending him because he’s my friend. I dislike his family. They are poor, trouble making people. But I do know what’s in his heart. These allegations are horrendous and I think it’s just a series of unfortunate events. Of course leaving a baby alone in a bathtub deserves some kind of punishment, but I fear he will spend the rest of his life in prison for this.

    • Bob

      Let him babysit!!!

      A series of “unfortunate events” should not involve a dead toddler dude!!

      “I know whats in his heart” lolol GTFOH!!!😂😂😂

    • Janis

      You fear that a man who abused even tortured & murdered a 18 month old baby will spend the rest of his life in just wow….

  • Jason McCalmant

    He was my grandson and you can all show support for him on his facebook group Justice For Ethan Jay Antes My name is Jason McCalmant you can add me too for updates. This was a sad thing for us all and thank you for all your prayers and support.

    • Janis

      Yes they want to believe that Ethan gave himself second & third degree burns with coffee apparently cooked in a nuclear reactor just weeks before his murder then he also fell out of a high chair & obtained a head injury the day before he was murdered…. Yes good old Mommy who is a Certified Nurses Assistant must be blind & deaf to just not think anything of it or she cared more for this man than her own child. Anyone who saw the horrific burns on Ethan & knew of the repeated accidents that kept occurring to him failed Ethan resulting in his death that could of been prevented if there had been a caring adult with half a brain in Ethan’s life. Simple fact this child was failed by his mother & anyone who observed this child’s injuries.

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