Man injured in accidental shooting outside of gun show in Sandy

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SANDY, Utah — A man went to a hospital with a superficial gunshot wound Saturday after his firearm accidentally discharged in the parking lot of a venue where a gun show was underway.

The shooting occurred around 4:15 p.m. in the parking lot at South Towne Expo Center, 9575 South State Street in Sandy, Saturday.

According to police at the scene, a man left the gun show and returned to his vehicle in the parking lot. Because loaded weapons are not allowed inside the venue during the show, the man had left his gun in the car.

“Following the gun show he had returned to his car and he had retrieved his weapon and was re-holstering it prior to leaving, at which time he accidentally discharged the weapon, which is a .40-caliber pistol, shooting himself in the right thigh,” said Sgt. Dean Carriger of the Sandy Police Department.

The 62-year-old man from Kaysville suffered a minor injury. He was transported to a nearby hospital to be evaluated.

“It’s just a reminder to everybody that they need to fully understand their weapons and use due diligence and caution when handling weapons, especially if they know that they are loaded,” Carriger said.


    • Anotherbob

      Wow what an idiot! I was talking about Bob but the man at the gun show was an idiot too. If you don’t have the spacial capacity to safely bolster your gun then you deserve to shoot yourself in the leg.

    • Bob of all Bobs

      Great bob, you can cherry pick the one story where a gun did good. We get about two of those stories per year vs the countless of stories like these above. Thank god no children were killed this time around due to morons with their guns. It saddens me that people like you don’t seem to give two s**ts about children dying from accidental shootings from their own parents guns and all you people care more about are you gun rights. It makes me sick. you people make me sick. This gun epidemic needs to stop.

      • Bob of all Bobs

        Sadly Bob, there’s too many to list…….
        So far this year, at least 77 American children under the age of 18 have unintentionally shot either themselves or another person. There have been 36 deaths. 77! And it’s only May 1st.
        Fact is you can easily find plenty of accidental shooting related stories on here and else where on the internet. You just choose not to since it doesn’t help your case.
        But let me help point you gun owners in the right right direction…. sadly these people find stories to post EVERY SINGLE day of some kind of accidental shootings. The stories are out there. Open you eyes.
        How many good gun stories can you guys find? One?…..Two?……..once in awhile? Cute.

    • Betty

      A shooting is the act of discharging a firearm, whether it was unintended, or intentional is irrelevant. An “accidental shooting” is exactly what happened here.

    • BOB

      Guns are like cars Bob of all Bobs. Some people get killed by both, and some people shouldn’t have either one.

      • Bob of all Bobs

        The old cars kill also excuse. Yawn. Try to stay on subject instead of trying to find other things that could kill you. If cars are “sooooo deadly” those would be used in mass killings, NOT GUNS!!! nice try.

  • bob

    Another case of Glock Rash. Cops shoot themselves with their Glocks (and similar striker-fired weapons) all the time. I won’t carry one.

    Mine is a Sig. I carry it fully loaded. There is no safety. But the first double-action trigger pull is WAY too heavy to happen accidentally. You never hear about someone “accidentally” discharging a double/single Sig. It takes some practice to get used to that first, heavy trigger pull. But once you’re trained up it’s not an issue.

    It’s good enough for the Presidential Detail, so it’s good enough for me.

    • bob

      Only cops can be trusted with Glocks.

      TRIGGER DISCIPLINE, people. Glocks aren’t inherently “unsafe”, but they are more unforgiving of mistakes than most handguns. If you aren’t VERY well trained (and most cops are not) then you shouldn’t be carrying one.

  • Allen Poulsen

    It is idiots like him that give responsible gun owners a bad name . I mean how stupid can you be.

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