Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees opens up about solo music video that slams LDS Church

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PROVO, Utah – A new solo music video from Neon Trees' singer Tyler Glenn is stoking controversy, and Glenn sat down with FOX 13 News Friday to discuss the lyrics and images that some feel attack the Mormon faith.

Glenn is openly gay, and in the past he has spoken about his efforts to balance his sexuality with his membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But, recently, his tone toward the LDS Church has changed.

In the video for the song “Trash”, Glenn spits on a picture of LDS Church founder Joseph Smith, and he also reportedly makes hand gestures that are used in temple rituals and considered sacred to Mormons.

Glenn says he lost his faith in the LDS Church after their policy announcement that states members of the faith who are in same-sex relationships are apostates.

“I’ve totally lost my faith in the LDS Church,” he said. “I started writing the songs and music for what I felt was a solo record, and I was in a relationship, and I was having a lot of good things happen… I found a place in Mormonism that seemed to make it work, and I guess I naively felt like I was making it work, and the policy that they announced basically came as a gut punch.”

Being a member of the LGBT community, he said the song and video are an expression he had to make.

“But I’m 32, I came out two years ago, and now I’m discovering this place that I naively thought had a place for me, doesn’t,” he said. “That doesn’t sit well with me. It’s something I’ve tried to make work my entire life. I went on a mission, and I’ve spoken highly of the church, even post coming out as gay. Perhaps that was foolish, but that doctrine is not of God, and that proves to me that God is not at the head of this church.”

Glenn went on to say his belief that the policy is not of God shaped his actions in the video.

“So my expression in the video is one of anger and one of rebellion, and I completely recognize that things I do in the video are going to not sit well with a lot of LDS people, and that’s something that I’m OK with,” he said. “I’m not out to shock, it’s a piece of art.”

The singer said he believes there are many good people in the LDS Church, but he said he feels like the “system” promotes harm.

“…There are beautiful aspects of the church, I love the Mormon people, I love the culture, I think they’re some of the best people that I’ve ever met, and there are many that are still in my life, my family is all still Mormon,” Glenn said. “But the system has done a lot of harm… I don’t know how else to act, this is an honest expression, and I’m glad there’s a conversation being started about this because I feel they’re getting away with creating a policy and saying that God gave it to them, and he didn’t. She didn’t. Whatever God is, didn’t."

Glenn also addressed the possibility some of his fans will be upset by the imagery and lyrics in the video.

“I think if [the fans] knew where I came from, then they will know how I arrived here,” he said. “I can’t make music and express my creativity solely for the audience… I think we learn from other people’s stories, and me describing my pain and my emotion is important to me.”

He also said he doesn’t intend to leave the LDS Church, but will rather wait to see what steps they take regarding his membership.

“No, and I won’t resign,” he said. “I think it’s important if they decide to excommunicate me, that they do it in the proper way… I want to see change. I don’t hate the Mormon church, I’m really upset with the system and the idea that they claim it’s from God.”

Glenn and Neon Trees are slated to play a show with Imagine Dragons in Provo Friday night beginning at 8 p.m. The concert is a benefit for the owner of Velour, a music venue in Provo where both bands have roots. The owner, Corey Fox, is in need of a kidney donor.

Glenn said he hasn’t spoken with his band mates yet about the video.

“I haven’t heard from them regarding the video,” he said. “My band is amazing, and they’re family, and I don’t want to paint them in a negative light, there’s nothing negative, but we’re all in different stages in our faith, and I recognize there will be some discomfort for sure, but that’s OK.”

The artist also discussed the video and the impact it could have on his fans who identify as LGBTQ.

“I honestly just want to speak to my gay fans and my LGBTQ community fans: I’m doing this for you guys,” he said, tears beginning to form in his eyes. “I haven’t second-guessed it. I feel your pain, and I’m right along with you, and I know that some of you are in a different place than I am, and maybe some of this will have offended you, but I did this genuinely, and I just want to see a place for everyone.”

See the video below for an extended look at Glenn's interview with FOX 13 News' Ben Winslow:


  • BOB

    Everyone has the right to his or her own opinion. I’m not really sure I’m interested in the opinion of a man who hid in the closet until he was 30.

    • Melissa

      If you knew anything about his story you’d know he wasn’t hiding. He was taught through his religion that homosexuality isn’t even real basically. That it’s only temptations. Same sex attraction. That it’s something that can be overcome. Coming out publicly while being a believer in the church is just about the bravest thing I can think of.

      • BOB

        What we know Melissa is that some people are confused about what goes where and why. That’s where the term “sexual deviate” comes from.

      • Alex Terry

        Preach! God loves all of us, regardless of what people say. He doesn’t make mistakes and each of us are created in his image. It’s all about having the faith in God, Buddha, Allah, Yaweh- however you refer to Him. There are so many misconceptions, I think, about being gay and religious. I was raised Roman Catholic and, honestly, I knew that God made me the way that I am and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Honestly, if you’re going to take literally something that was written thousands of years ago and try to apply the same concepts to today’s world, then maybe you should go take a humanities course or something.

      • Kdc

        Don’t listen to Bob. His head’s shoved, firmly, up his a$$ 90% of the time! Little Bobby BB

      • BOB

        Wise people who observe the basic laws of morality watch those who don’t and observe the results. People with the morals of an alley cat don’t respect themselves and hate those who don’t have sex with whoever is available.

      • KDC

        Bobby bb I’m doubting many people would have sex with you. In fact, you’re probably extremely lucky to have a wife (if you do). So of course you’re going to sit on your high horse and tell us all about how moral you are. I can tell you based on your comments that your a scared little man who hides behind his computer but keeps his mouth shut when he’s physically out and about. A troll I believe they refere your type ass


        Some people are satisfied looking for love in a public bathroom. There is a reason why so many homosexuals enjoy the gifts that come with the STDs which have no cure. People with wives and children miss out on all the fun. Right KDC?

      • Robert

        I guess his religion failed him since he can’t even distinguish if God is a “He” or a “She”… So here he is making a statement that God didn’t come up with this statement about Gays and he doesn’t even know if God is a male or a female or “whatever”… Sounds like he didn’t have much faith to begin with. I find it funny that people call it brave to come out in a time where everyone is doing it… Such bravery… Then to add to it, he spits on an image of Joseph Smith and for whatever reason uses hand gestures which are used in what are sacred ordinances… But he isn’t looking to offend any of the members, only the Hierarchy? I will not be listening to this music. I do not support his actions.

      • BOB

        You’re a hypocite KDC. You are every bit as judgmental as the next guy. Only difference is your judgmental attitude is acceptable and mine isn’t. Right?

      • Kdc

        Who am I judging? I’m just calling out a dude who sits on his high horse and tells everyone what’s morally acceptable or what isn’t. Personally I don’t care what anyone does aslong as there’s no victims. For example, someone wants to smoke meth then smoke meth. The moment you hurt someone or steal from someone so you can smoke meth, then we got problems.

  • Melissa

    If you think this song and video felt shocking, imagine the shock of finding out everything you’ve ever been taught about the world is a lie. A true to life coming out the matrix experience. He has had the bigger shock here. I’m so proud of you Tyler.


      Image the the shock of finding out everything you’ve ever thought was a lie is actually the truth.

    • Scotty

      Do you notice that FOX is awesome! And FOX 13 hater mormans, loves ho mo se xuals. Hates cops and guns and republicans. Boycott FOX13! What is news to FOX 13 is a sign of their character!

    • Lewis McCorvey

      Bitter ? having raced against and followed and believed till the END . Lance Armstrong , who lied and was stripped of his 7 titles . Back in 1975 at the age of 17when i joined I never knew Joseph Smith had 33 wives. I was told by leaders and members he never did . And those same leaders and members said many anti- Mormons will LIE and say he did .
      Many who spoke up where exed and left the church who spoke up , they became the so-called anti-Mormons .
      Now fast forward 30 years and the church comes out with its essay’s one being on plural marriage saying now Joseph indeed have 33 wives. Yet unlike Lance who did lie and come forward, The Mormon Church never admits its leaders starting with Joseph and all that followed LIED , thought they admit he did have the 33 wives.

      Nothing like having your cake and wives to .
      I left in 2011 and I am glad for the journey in and out of the Mormon Church, no regrets , i have peace .
      And that doesn’t happen overnight .

    • Hewwro

      Sounds like someone doesn’t know a whole lot about the backstory and is filling in the gaps with their own version. :) Tell me how you would feel after being raised in something that is a lie and being made to feel like who you are is “bad” or “wrong” because a made-up religion tells you so. Maybe you’re the bitter one and are just projecting?

      • BOB

        Sounds like you have a personal problem with your sexual identity. Why am I not surprised?

      • Hewwro

        Again, making up details about something that you have absolutely no clue about. Is this something you struggle with frequently? Inventing your own story for things that you have little to no comprehension of? You and religion are perfectly paired then my friend.

        I’m 100% heterosexual and not struggling in the slightest. Happily married and free from the confines of the Mormon cult.

        I can just FEEL the ‘spirit’ pouring out of your comments. I’m sure Jesus would be proud :)

  • Harper

    Tyler, I do not know you personally, but I have seen you perform many times. A lot of us are feeling similar things. I just want you to know that you are brave, talented, and real. And most importantly, you are your own. I ❤️ You.

  • Wendall

    Good for you, Tyler. Stay true and honest. You’re helping allot of those who don’t have much of a voice. Those who love unconditionally will be there for you. Those so-called Christians who think they know love will continue to bask in their hatred.

    Keep love on your side, Tyler!

  • Brett Jeffs

    If I made a video and spit on a picture of a gay or lesbian, then I would be persecuted and considered racist. But apparently they can do whatever they want and I’m supposed to accept it or I’m considered racist. If they want me to respect them then they need to show some respect.

    • TotallyNotAnotherBob

      @bret, umm do you really think gays and lesbians are a race? Stay out of the comment sections you retard..

      • Kelly

        Actually left wing progressive extremists distort the term racist to beyond anything that has to do with racism. Disagree with Obama and in their insane minds the mental gymnastics are active and contort a disagreement if ideology into a racism issue.

        Don’t disrespect mentally handicapped people either.

    • Jeb Tueller

      Or you could do even worse and kick their children out of your church and make them disavow you as their parent. Spitting is nothing compared to that. Think about it.

    • Mike Larry

      If you believe homosexuality is a sexual deviance like the LDS teaches, what do you think of pedophilia that Joseph Smith has been proven to take part of?

      Also, if he was still alive to do would you let him sleep with your wife or future of? That was kind of his thing.

    • dwoodbucket

      Efreedom of expression, Constitutional right. Spit on a picture of a gay person, a prophet, a black guy, whatever or whomever you want. You let his actions offened you that is on you.

    • Jessi

      If it was picture of a gay person who taught you his beliefs since you were a child and manipulated you’re entire list few Then it would be the same. Use logic.

  • BOB

    How can a guy like Tyler Glenn who is confused about his own sexual identity but trusted to determine what is truth and what is a lie?

    No decent man spits on the photo graph of anybody. It is a symbol of hate and has no Christian value associated with it.

    • War

      Well if you read the articlw he isnt christian so that leaves your religion out and i really dont think that he is asking for support from you. He os making a statement i am sorry but i jave to believe that if any religion that cant support or bannishesbone of their own followers because of their preference then they are a lost entitiy in this world and need to learn to open their minds.

    • Vanessa

      If you think about it the spitting on the portrait is the way that he feels the church has treated him. It is his expression. Not something that I would choose to do but who am I to judge. Judge not lest ye be judged!!! He felt like he was judged so he expressed his feelings on it!!

      • BOB

        Spitting on a picture of anyone shows the immaturity of the individual doing the spitting. It is also an indication of the hatred bottled up inside. It only hurts Tyler Glenn.

      • Kelly

        Man the mental gymnastics on display to justify acts of hatred and bigotry towards a protected class is disturbing. It is vogue to be an anti-mormon bigot though. Babylon is gonna crash soon.

    • Daniel

      I would totally spit on not only the photo but in the persons face, now that I know he was a pedofile and he used his position to send men away and marry their wives in secrecy. He was a total jerk and deserved his end.

      • Kelly

        Daniel, you need a history lesson. Pedophilia is a gross misrepresentation of what happened. Besides, pedophile is a late 19th century term that didn’t even make its way into usage until the 20th century. Nobody would have a clue what your talking about if you lived in Joseph’s time and you called him s paedophile.

        No evidence of sexual relations happened with those young wives. 14 years on occasion married older men but didn’t live with that man (stayed with her family) until she matured. That’s a historical fact that people like you don’t seem to care about.

    • Azrael

      Spitting on photographs bad!
      Spitting in the face of gays, good!

      Let us pray that all gays get AIDS and lets decimate their family! Them’s Chrisitan values right there!! Sign me up.

      Hyp. O. Crit.

    • KDC

      Ok Bobby BB, I’ll give you some credit here: I mean after all, The dude did believe that Indians rode around on chariots, and fought in Roman style battles, and Jesus came to America. So why’s he so made now? I mean Golden Plates bro? Do you really need a history lesson? Did you really think they’d be ok with you being gay? Now you want to spit on your prophet? Golden Plates bro?


        It is normal for people like KDC who are full of hate and anger to direct that anger outward in an effort to excuse it. It is like a cancer and only hurts the one who harbors and nutures it.

      • KDC

        Another Bobby BB, are you sure you’re not mentioning yourself? Who’s the one(s) who sits and waits to comment on almost every story on here? You need a hobby BB, and I don’t mean just the gun range. Go hiking or something

  • Nick

    So how does spitting on the image of a man who was oppressed his whole life for what he was and believed in (to the point he was murdered for it) make up for the fact you feel oppressed for what you are and believe in? How does putting out sacred symbols online that I respect as sacred make me want to respect values and things that you hold sacred? You basically showed the world you want to be loved and accepted with your perfect example of love and respect for all…. Oh ya that rights your example you just showed us is your a hypocrite and full of hate to the extent you oppress and bully others because it’s happening to you. Good job!

    • Josh

      Well Smith wasn’t oppressed simply because of his “beliefs” or claims to be a prophet. Much of the horrible things that happened to him were done in retaliation for things such as courting other men’s wives and burning a printing press to the ground that was threatening to out his sexual escapades.

      This is all part of the process where the LDS church caves to social pressure again. They did it regarding polygamy, they did it after the civil rights movement, and they’ll cave again in relation to the LGTB movement. Of course it will come as another “revelation”.

      • BOB

        At the end of the day I’ll still be straight and you’ll still be a homosexual. Works for me.

    • Hewwro

      Your persecution complex is showing. Joseph Smith is not the wonderful man that you tell yourself he is. He deceived and defrauded people, lied to teenage girls to get them marry him, and invented a bogus religion. Defending this horrible man is inexcusable.

      • BOB

        Judgmental much HEWWRO. You have the same mentality as the people who claimed to believe in God and then crucified his Son.

  • JFD

    Tyler, it takes a lot of courage to speak your conscience if you are LDS. I resigned the Church after several directives over many years that I felt were discriminatory, not godlike. Although I am not LGBT, the Church became an albatross. My life is my own and I am very happy without the hateful feelings I experienced.. I have found the most intolerant and even hateful Mormons to be in Utah. I still have wonderful Mormon friends in the mission field. You will do the right thing for you. Good luck with your life.

    • BOB

      Translation: I failed to nurish my testimoney and in time it withered and died. Apostasy doesn’t occur overnight JFD.

      • Hewwro

        You also FAILED to spell “nourished” properly and made a complete fool of yourself :-D Ignorance and religion go hand-in-hand.

      • BOB

        You really are a judgmental individual. You’re my kind of people and I appreciate your character flaw. By observing your comments maybe I can develope my own character flaws.

      • Hewwro

        People are judgmental, period. Congratulations on spelling all the words in your reply correctly this time :)

  • bob III

    I pity him. Satan won getting him to act on his feelings. I know people who once thought they were gay and repented and now do not struggle with it, but the gay community doesn’t want people to think its is a choice. You may have temptations to be sexually drawn to many things but to act on them is a choice. One girl I know started to look at porn that got her to think she is a lesbian now she wants to become a man. Satan is using every tool in the world to pervert God’s plan for his children.

    • Jared

      You know nothing. You have such a strong opinion of something that you have no personal experience with. Go away, jerk.

    • Jessi

      You’re absolutely insane. The story of God and Satan is a parable that has been used to manipulate the masses. Find comfort in truth not fairy tales. We’re all people. We all have the right to happiness. Being gay or straight or liking sex is human not demonic. Wake up please.

  • Vanessa

    We are not members of the church but were told by member that they will help anybody. We were going to be evicted because our daughter was living with us and pregnant and at 27 weeks they discovered that the cord wrapped around the babies neck and our daughter would have to deliver a still born. We paid for the cremation and memorial for the baby which left us a little short on rent. We asked for help and were told in these exact word “The church only helps its own”. That is a far cry from what they are telling their members. We then found out after being evicted the day after Thanksgiving that there is a law in Utah stating that nobody can rent to a person who has been evicted. We found out how the church gets non-members out of the state. BTW all laws in Utah go through the church and if not passed through the church they will not be presented to Utah’s congress. I learned this from Criminal Justice classes. So much for separation of church and state!!!

    • BOB

      Your story doesn’t pass the smell test Vanessa. As a side note maybe you can get some financial assistance from some religious organization you don’t hate.

      • Vanessa

        I could care less if it passes YOUR smell test. I know the truth and there are witnesses. I never said that I hate the LDS church you just assumed that. Stop assuming because somebody says something negative that is 100% the truth about your church that they hate that church!!!!

      • Vanessa

        I do not go to a church… I am a spiritual person in my own way and that is not any of your business!!! The point is that your church lies to you!!! We have proof of that and you don’t like it so you are trying to criticize me!!!! I feel sorry for you!!!

      • Vanessa

        BOB actually… I told of an experience that I had with the church… You are the one who is condemning people… So who is the hypocrite? … Your words look at how many people are turning against you and how many are turning against me in this whole conversation… Now tell me who is condemning people… You are the one acting like you are better than everyone… I didn’t condemn one person… I told exactly how I was treated by a church where the members are told (as I was told by many people) that they do not discriminate and help ANYBODY even if they do not attend the church… I was educating people to the lies that they are being told… But You don’t like the truth… I have one word for you WAH!!! Suck it up!!!

      • BOB

        If you went to the bishop of your local church you’d get a food order. They aren’t going to give you money, and they certainly aren’t going to pay your hospital bills. If you want a free handout maybe the State of Utah will give you one.

    • Fanny

      IF you are talented enough to make a music video- promote the music. If you think that spitting is a piece if “art”– guess again!!

      • Vanessa

        I never said anything about the “art”… All I said was what the church did to me personally. What he did is called Freedom of expression… It doesn’t matter what I or anybody else thinks of it… That is his freedom of expression… I don’t think doing that is for me but he did… Who am I to judge? Judge not lest ye be judged!!!

      • BOB

        Don’t be a hypocrite Vanessa. You’re as judgmental as the people you condemn. See how that works?

      • Vanessa

        Elle oh how nice of a person who says they follow God to call someone Moronic… So Godlike of you… I never said that I blamed them… I was educating you on what your church actually does as to what it says it does… Is that not hypocrisy? Telling that they do one thing then doing another? Also look up the word ignorance!!! Ignorance is bliss!!! Not knowing makes you happier because you want to be blind to what is really happening!!!

      • BOB

        If you want to educate yourself go down to LDS Welfare Square and see what the Mormons provide for people of all faiths or no faith at all.

        If it is money you are looking for you’re just going to have to look somewhere else. That isn’t what LDS welfare is all about.

    • Art

      @Vanessa, first of all, there is absolutely NO law that says you can’t rent to someone that’s been evicted. Ridiculous rubbish. My parents have been landlords for 35 years, they make their own contract and they choose who they rent to. There is no such law. Landlords are getting smarter though, they check credit and they check references and do you know why??? Because in Utah landlords have very few rights. Do you know how difficult it is to evict someone? It’s nearly impossible if they are not compliant and are squatters. And that is the truth. Landlords don’t want to rent to people who don’t pay their bills. It has nothing to do with religion. Being a landlord is a business.
      Secondly, the lds church has NEVER told its members that it helps everyone/anybody. I haven’t been lied to. In truth when a member of the church needs assistance, they first have to take a finance class to make sure they aren’t just wasting their own money, and second they get assistance such as food–never cash, and third they have to do a service such as make a repair at the church building. You should have paid your rent first and then paid for a cremation. Funeral homes supposedly give discounts to people who’ve lost children. My guess is is that you don’t manage your money well and you were banking on a church that you don’t even believe in, or attend, to bail you out. My advice is to always pay your rent first so you have a place to live. Pay for the nonessentials next. That’s basic finance knowledge.

      • BOB

        I think I’ll see if I can find any sympathy for the homosexuals with AIDS in San Francisco. Hows that Wendall.

    • Wendall

      And would you be leaving for S.F. anytime soon, Bob? Could we all chip in for your bus fare?

      • BOB

        No Wendall but thanks for offering. San Francisco is a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there. 16,000 people have HIV/AIDS in that city, and 86% of new HIV diagnoses are among gay and bisexual men.

      • BOB

        The danger in San Francisco is for people trying to decide where they fit in the LGBTQQIP2SAA community. Those looking for true love in a men’s bathroom are more likely to find one or more of the varieties of STDs the rest of us want nothing to do with.

      • Ned

        Mormons are filled with hate and bigotry. That’s hard to get along with. (Fixed that for you).

      • BOB

        83% of the homosexual men surveyed estimated they had had sex with 50 or more partners in their lifetime, 43% estimated they had sex with 500 or more partners, and 28% with 1,000 or more partners.

        Monogamy apparently isn’t real important to homosexuals …. but then you already knew that Ned …. right?

  • your name here

    Nice work Tyler! I love to see the cock roaches scatter “mormons” when the lights turn on. Thanks Fox!

  • Jenkins

    It took the LDS church being against gays to lose your faith and not the fact that Joseph Smith stuck his head in a hat and used magic stones to transcribe ancient hieroglyphics off a golden tablet he found after being led to it by an angel?

    Pretty freaking sad IMO.

    • Azrael

      Here here! Glad I saw it for what it was in my youth and didn’t live with anyone religious to force me into it when others don’t know any better. The feeling of coming out of the Matrix would have been traumatic and surreal.

  • Vanessa

    I really love all the christian comments being made… I thought people were supposed to try bring people to God not push them further away!!! Some of the things being said by so-called “christians” to this story are not christlike… God went to the sinners and talked to them respectfully not telling them how bad they are… Let you without sin cast the first stone!!!

    • BOB

      You’re sounding a little judgmental here Vanessa. The Pot calling the kettle black perhaps?

    • Brigitte

      The things he does in this video ARE bad, we believe them to be extremely sinful and I’m appalled. That IS a judgement and a sound one at that.

  • Candymantempting

    I am LDS, active, RM, and convert of 19yrs. It is interesting to me how stories like this make the news. Glen comes to a personal decision in his life and then blasts his choice out into the world from his career sandbox, and I am supposed to do what with that? I don’t know this man, and a music video such as this is a certainly a personal statement, but it is temporal. What happens if he later changes his mind? Then what? It is his choice to produce this type of work. It’s controversial and that sells. I remember this one guy who sold out a friend for money… He was found hanging by the neck not too long after. Do you think that man hung himself because that money brought him so much joy because he was so sure he was doing the right thing when he betrayed his friend and his faith. Do you even understand the reference? Then, maybe you’ll also see a parallel, or tomorrow’s story.

  • BOB

    Obvously Tyler Glenn’s choices have led him to the peace and happiness all humans desire. No? Then why would anybody want to follow him?

  • BOB

    Tyler Glenn doesn’t want to leave the Mormon Church? Then why all the yelling and screaming. Like a child throwing a temper tantrum in hopes of getting mommy’s attention. Best solution is for the Mormons to ignore him.

  • Kelly

    Christ did teach

    Matt 6:24 ¶No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. (New Testament, Matthew, Matthew 6)

    He also doesn’t grasp the doctrinal conflicts that choosing a gay lifestyle brings to the gospel. He really does not understand the doctrine since he supports gay “rights”. Acting out in homosexual acts is only to cave in to the natural man. It rejects the doctrine of exaltation and eternal increase. It misuses the power to create life.

    By not reading the scriptures and understanding them, you’ll fall prey to the secular arguments of Babylon, which God will destroy soon.

    Choose you this day whom you will serve…your eternity depends on it.

  • BOB

    VANESSA seems to think the Mormons would pay her rent. Our current welfare system in this country is bankrupting us and the Mormons never told her they’d give her financial help. If it is food or clothing they will provide it …… even to those who hate them.

  • Bob2

    It must be difficult for people with same sex attraction to deal with the church’s policy for it. However it seems to me that biologically same sex relationships don’t really make sense. One of the main reasons for sex is procreation after all. I also believe we have prophets and apostles that receive revelation from God regarding these things as put forth in the document THE FAMILY A PROCLAMATION TO THE WORLD. Not only do we claim that was divinely inspired by prophets of God, we can receive confirmation via personal revelation about the divine truth of the matter.

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    Church is for worship, not for promoting sexuality or any other type of individualism. If we are busy worshiping in church, none of this is even a topic. What a waste of time. Even more than a waste of time, it is a stupid way to make your point, If this #@%&&* really EVER believed that the church was true, why take his struggle out on a founder of the church. No sense! Absolutely disrespectful and wrong. Thats a sure sign of an emotional wreck and would mostly likely be frowned on by his own community.

  • Morgan DeHaan

    Let me fix the title of this article for you:

    Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees opens up about how he doesn’t know his religion, but demands that it now change to fit his fantasy version of what he wants to be.

    That sums up his comments pretty well, I think.

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