Trump close to clinching has Utah GOP flinching

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SALT LAKE CITY — The race for the Republican Presidential nomination is not wrapped up, but sweeping wins in northeastern primaries have moved billionaire Donald Trump far closer to the prize, and that could have a big impact on elections in Utah.

Utah is the only state to award all of its Republican Convention delegates to Ted Cruz, after Cruz easily won with 69 percent of the vote, with Trump a distant third place at 14 percent.

“It means that Utah is in a minority status in regard to supporting a candidate who cannot on the first ballot win his party's presidential nomination,” said Tim Chambless of the University of Utah’s Hinckley Institute of Politics.

A Trump nomination also could spell trouble for Utah’s dominant political party in the November general election.

"It means that voters who normally vote Republican may very well not vote, vote for a third party, or vote for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders," Chambless said.

A presidential candidate disliked by Utah Republicans could keep many away from the polls, and those who vote may be less likely to vote a “straight party ticket” which automatically registers their votes for everyone in a party.


    • Rob

      I like your post. I totally agree. I’ve been glued to Fox news and think Trump can actually change things in this country

      • anotherbob

        Spoken like true fox news sheep. Trump isn’t a good candidate for POTUS because he’s all talk, he knows how to get people riled up and make people cheer, but he lacks the experience and humility to actually get our nation back on track. Do you really think a power tripping 1%er with an over inflated ego is going to do a great job running a country? We need a leader who knows when to keep their mouth shut and has earned the respect of other world leaders, not someone who is going to argue over twitter about how big his penis is…

      • Rob

        I’m not part of the utah sheep. We do need to secure our borders. We do need to change things in our great country. Guess what? Trump is going to win or maybe you want to be a socialist with Bernie or crooked like hillary.

      • KDC

        Another bob, for once you’ve actually said something that DOES NOT lack logic, rational thinking, or pure common sense. Too bad most of the Republican Party does not agree with you. But then again, most can’t even agree with themselves. My vote goes to Daffy Duck this year.

  • Rob

    Don’t be so sure about that. I wanted my voice to be heard that I support trump. With the caucus system in place in Utah the individuals vote doesn’t count. I don’t know why utahn’s want to stick with the establishment.

  • Melville D K Jones

    Sometimes change is scary for people. The man shoots from the hip, he is NOT bound by special interest groups or elitists like the others. Look at what the others are trying to do to stop him. Too bad, so sad… let him go, give him a chance and if he is not successful as a president, vote him out in 4 years. Can’t be worst than where we are now…

  • Duke LaCrosse

    Trump will win in a landslide, it will not even be close and America will be better because if it. The media wants to push the narrative that he loses to Hillary, no way. Bernie supporters vote Trump or not at all more than they go to Hillary. I think Trump will be a good Potus, Cruz is a fraud and apparently the Utards around me are too blind to see it. #Trumptrain!!

  • Craig Smith

    Utah has a poor record of picking the winner in the presidential elections. Utah’s vote has never mattered and it won’t this time either. The choice has been made before our polls even close.

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