Plant Nite is perfect for planting a fun night

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We were happy to have Grace Dawson with Plant Nite on the show today. Plant Nite is a brand new creative event concept; it`s a fun night out where you get your hands dirty assembling mini tabletop gardens over cocktails at a local bar or restaurant with a professional gardener. Plus, no experience is needed! Don`t have a green thumb? No worries! Succulents are perfect because they aren`t needy - just need a spritz of water every couple of weeks!

Plant Nite is a spinoff of Paint Nite; the concept was created by Dan Hermann and Sean McGrail, the duo that started Paint Nite. Plant Nite has the same core elements as Paint Nite, whereas the events are held at local bars and restaurants and are led by a professional, but instead of the activity being paint, its plants! In addition to public events, Plant Nite also hosts private events! Private parties, fundraiser, corporate events- anything! If interested, head to the website to learn more.

You can find a local event at or 'Like' the local Facebook page to find out about upcoming events and deals.

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