Family mourns as victim in West Valley City hit-and-run dies; driver remains at-large

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WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah - Two weeks after he was hit by a car in West Valley City, doctors say 38-year-old Kory Hansen got an infection and passed away.

Leaving behind his younger brother Kelly and an army of friends, nobody expected Kory to lose this battle.

"His body was so weak and he had already been fighting so much and so long that it was too much for him," Kelly Hansen said. "...We were hoping for the best but expecting the worst, but when the worst happened you’re just not ready for it."

Adding salt to this deep wound is the fact the driver from that night is still on the run. West Valley City Public Information Officer Roxeanne Vainuku says they’ve exhausted the limited leads they’ve received.

“So at this point, we're really desperate for the public to step up and provide any information they might know about this case," Vainuku said.

West Valley City police provided a grainy picture of the car that hit Kory Hansen. They describe it as a dark-colored, newer-model Honda.

Witnesses describe the driver as a Hispanic man in his thirties who had been driving recklessly and eating pizza when he hit Hansen and drove off. Police say his car should have front end damage.

"Someone hit a human being and left them there to die," Vainuku said. "This is very serious, and if you know anything about it, you really need to let us know."

"For him to be left like that, and he would never leave anybody like that, it's just devastating I guess," Kelly Hansen said.

Anyone with information about the driver or the crash is being asked to contact West Valley City Police.

Coworkers have set up a GoFundMe account to help with Kory Hansen's medical expenses here.

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  • liberalssuck

    Possibly another case of one of obamas protected class killing another american?
    Democrat votes at all costs to americans is their motto………….

  • BOB

    If I were here from Canada and didn’t have a valid driver’s license I probably leave the scene of the accident too.

    • A Fan of Bob

      Liberals don’t like Canadians because they are white. They are only interested in helping brown people.

  • leahbryant45

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  • west Martin

    Everyone must bear in mind that all Latinos are good in denying the crime the committed and I have to let every one know don’t take law into you r own hand in case a Latino person did something bad to you and you don’t have witness she/he will deny the crime and you the victim Will be criminal in your own hand rather than being a victim so if something like hit and run wasn’t witness how do you expect some one from such society to report the crime? Let God be the witness. GOD rest victim soul in peace.

  • ExtremelyFrustrated

    Instead of promoting racism, maybe we should start increasing enforcement of the traffic laws we already have in place and also seriously increase the associated penalties in order to get many of the idiots that cause injuries and death to others on a daily basis off the road. I suffered a spinal fracture and other injuries in a hit-and-run accident last year. I don’t know nor care what color the loser was that left me for dead and drove away like a coward, but this is something we can and should stop right now. It isn’t okay for people of any color or heritage to get away with crimes like this. Automatic jail time and either long-term or permanent loss of a driver license for irresponsible decisions that result in death or serious injury to others could go a long way. Also automatic jail time for anyone caught driving without a license. We need to help stupid people choose not to drive illegally or irresponsibly out of fear of the consequences. Cars are extremely dangerous machines, and by the way, the fact that they can drive themselves now makes all of this much easier.

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