Sheriff’s deputy dead, wife in serious condition after motorcycle crash in southern Utah

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SOUTHERN UTAH — A sheriff’s deputy was killed and his wife was flown to a hospital in serious condition after a motorcycle crash on I-15 near Kanarraville Friday.

A public information officer for the Utah Highway Patrol said the crash occurred around 4:19 p.m. as a motorcycle traveled northbound on I-15 near mile marker 48.

UHP states that after the motorcycle changed lanes to pass another vehicle, the bike began to wobble and left the roadway to the right. The motorcycle then rolled over several times, ejecting both occupants.

Both individuals were wearing helmets. A man was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash, while a woman was airlifted to Dixie Regional Medical Center in serious condition.

Brett Nielson and his wife Angie posing near the plaque for fallen Millard County Deputy Jose Greathouse Fox. Image via Facebook.

Brett Nielson and his wife Angela posing near the plaque for fallen Millard County Deputy Jose Greathouse Fox. Image via Facebook.

The deceased was later identified as 50-year-old Brett W. Nielson of Delta. St. George News reports Nielson is a Millard County Sheriff’s deputy. His wife is identified as 49-year-old Angela Nielson.

St. George News reports that police are investigating whether high winds or a damaged tire may have been factors in the crash.

Photos from St. George News show the medical helicopter responding to the crash. Click here for more photos from the scene.  


    • bob

      No. Excessive application of power.

      Speed doesn’t kill. STOPPING kills.

      I bet it was a bullet bike, and the guy just goosed it too much.

  • A

    To Bob
    You are nothing but an uninformed internet troll.
    Comment on everything with no facts or knowledge to back it up.

    • bob

      Which bob? There are several.

      Sounds like a Death Wobble, which has nothing to do with speed. It can be caused by improper loading, wrong tire pressure, loose or worn head bearings…..lots of things. It involves very subtle interplay of geometry and other factors. I won’t even attempt to speculate why their bike wobbled. I had a big BMW once what would start to wobble at about 40 mph the instant I loosened my grip on the bars, but it only happened if the front tire wasn’t inflated exactly right. And only at 40 mph.

      A high-speed wobble is a similar phenomenon that occurs at higher speeds, but generally much higher than freeway speed.

    • Not a bobby

      Yes Bob is a huge Internet troll, and his multiple screen names, apparently he has no life. Nothing better to do than constantly troll.

  • Lori Smith Lee

    Was returning yesterday afternoon from northern utah & i saw the accident, seen the helicopter trying to land kept going south toward my home & then seen another accident. not a religious person but I believe in GOD so I prayed for everyone involved. We all have a responsibility as long as we’re driving to look out for each other. Hearts & prayers go out to everyone involved & to those who witnessed what happened yesterday afternoon

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