TMZ reports Prince treated for drug overdose 6 days before his death

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File photo: Prince performs in 2005. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

MINNESOTA — Music legend Prince died Thursday at the age of 57, and TMZ reports that just six days prior the artist was allegedly treated for overdosing on Percocet during an emergency stop in Illinois.

TMZ reports that numerous sources have confirmed to them that Prince was treated for a drug overdose when his private plane made an unscheduled emergency landing in Moline, Illinois after a show in Atlanta.

Representatives for Prince said the emergency landing was related to the flu, but TMZ cites multiple sources who say Prince was rushed to a hospital and given a “save shot,” which is commonly used to counteract the effects of opiate drugs.

TMZ further reports the artist was advised to stay in the hospital for 24 hours but declined to remain after being told it was impossible to secure a private room.

Thursday, Prince was found unresponsive in an elevator inside his Minnesota home and was later pronounced dead.

A medical examiner is working to determine the cause of death.

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  • bob

    People die of complications of the flu, but rarely do they just drop dead in an elevator. This looks like an overdose.

    But I could be wrong. Rock stars never die of overdoses, right?

  • Finny Wiggen

    The guy is a loser! What is with the nation and idolizing absolute losers?

    Wearing purple today is a sign that you are willing to be swept up in the wind of what is popular, and that you do not posses the where with all to stop and evaluate the values that an individual represented. His music wasn’t even that good. His moral compass fa worse.

    I wouldn’t publicly state he is was loser. (well, actually I apparently would… but I digress) Though he was. Rather, I would just go on with life, and wait for someone remarkable to die before I adorned myself in their favorite color.

    • norsegirl

      So someone has to be Mother Teresa to be recognized for any accomplishments? Would you want your life defined by your worst moments or decisions? I don’t think anyone could survive that kind of scrutiny without being labeled a “loser” by someone willing to be so judgemental. Even someone as pure and unsullied as you.

      • norsegirl

        I’m sure a few of your students would judge you a loser, even though they know you much better than you knew Prince. But that would just be a biased minority opinion and without much validity. And I’m sure their parents would urge them not to be judgemental and hateful, because that only reflects poorly on them, and not you. You value wise parents like that… don’t you?

    • your name here

      Sorry you are so bitter and a hater. So sad to see anyone so angry and hope someday you will find peace and happiness.

    • leahbryant45

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