Police: Teen faces felony robbery charge after filling McDonald’s water cup with soda

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ARKANSAS — An Arkansas teenager faces a felony robbery charge, after he allegedly put soda in a water cup at McDonald’s — and refused to give the soda back.

The accused is 18-year-old Cody Morris.

Officials say Morris and two of his friends ordered three waters in the drive thru at a McDonald’s restaurant.

Then, they went into the restaurant, dumped out the water, and refilled their cups with soda.

The McDonald’s manager told them to return the soda. Officials say two of the teens did so, but Morris did not.

The McDonald’s manager tried to stop the teens from leaving the restaurant, but says they struck him with their car and drove away.

Police officers eventually caught up to the teens and arrested Morris, who they said was driving the getaway vehicle.

Morris was taken to jail, and charged with felony robbery.

A hearing has been scheduled for Friday morning, April 22nd.


    • Kdc

      Read the definition of Robery then read the story again. Forcefully taking something that’s not yours is Robery. This happens all the time, but typically not involving soda. The charges are correct

  • Bob of all Bobs

    LOL, I did this as a kid. The McDonald’s manager saw what I did and just told me not to do it again. I got to keep the soda.

  • bob

    Apparently no one explained the Constitution to Officer Billy Bob. Even by 18th Century standards that isn’t nearly enough to constitute a felony.

  • Steve

    Did you read the part abut the kid hitting the manager with his car as he tried to get away? The soda is one thing, the car is another.

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