Provo police seek teen suspects after vandals repeatedly destroy widow’s fence

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PROVO, Utah -- Teens are terrorizing a Provo neighborhood and have been for months.

Their main target appears to be a widow's home at the corner of 3650 North and 600 East in Provo.

“They're not understanding the damage that they're doing, the hurt that they're causing,” said Senior Officer Shawn Parker of the Provo Police Department.

A usually quiet neighborhood has become the target of teen vandals.

“It's a constant problem, and it's an annoyance to the people who live there, and it's damaging other people's property for no reason,” Parker said.

The main victim of the damages is a widow who lives on the corner. In the past several months, police say the vandals have smashed, crashed and knocked down the fence six times, amounting to at least a thousand dollars in damages.

The last hit was caught on a trail camera around 2 a.m., and the owner called police.

“She heard them and came running out and didn't see them,” Pam Avery said.

In her 37 years of living in this neighborhood, this is the worst she’s ever seen. Avery’s mailbox was knocked over. Every time she turns the corner to her home, she’s reminded of the damage the vandals caused to her and her neighbor’s home.

“You have this perfectly nice lady, and you have this damage happening to her fence over and over and over,” Parker said.

To the vandals, police have a message.

“You may think it's fun, you may think it's a game, and your friends think you're cool for doing it, but it's damaging property [and] people you don't know,” Parker said.

Neighbors hope the surveillance picture gets the teens caught.

“The only way they're going to learn to not do it anymore is that we don’t put up with it,” Avery said.

The neighborhood has requested a light be installed at the corner in the hopes of bringing the vandalism issues to an end.


  • west Martin

    The didn’t learned that it is crime but this time their days are number and they will do it evening time a good time for dump to get caught just around 8pm.

  • Michelle Welchman

    Well, isn’t that what guns are for? Protection and defending of property? This lady shot be toting a pistol or a shot gun after tgese vandals. That police statwment is nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Ut will do norhing. These teens know exactly what they are doing, they know they are getting away with it. Teenagers or not, if they can read and comprehend and if they are old enough to break the law, then they are old enough to pay the consequences. If more people would just stand up and take a stand to realize this, then this problem would be solved, instead of waiting for a slap on the wrist statement from the police. In Texas and Louisiana, trespassing in someone’s property for any reason could easily mean being shot. Down there, people have signs on their property stating specifically, ‘Trespassers Shot On Site’. Especially, in New Orleans. No questions asked. People should be allowed that here as well. That would solve most treaspasing and vandalism issues.

    • Wannabob

      I understand your frustration, but I disagree with deadly force in protection of property. Give me a choice to pay $1000 to fix a fence or to shoot a trespasser/vandal, and I will fix the fence every time. Now, as soon as that escalates to them becoming an imminent threat to the life and safety of my family members, and I will take the shot.

    • analogismos

      trespassing is not (yet) a capital offense. and no, the purpose of personal firearms in the modern era is sportshooting/collecting for sane people. although they do seem to be the drug of choice for many who get excited at the prospect of getting to shoot someone legally or who are so full of cowardice that they can’t handle walking around without one.

  • Spencer Reid

    Sounds like there needs to be a Stake out in the ladies back yard and the few houses around hers so that the police can catch them in the act.

  • Friendly neighbor

    Michelle Welchman, I hope you don’t own a gun. Your comment is as ludicrous as it gets. Yes, these vandals need to pay for their crime. But in the way you are suggesting is outright despicable. Spencer Reid, you should keep your bets to yourself. I know all the teens in this neighbourhood and you have no basis for such a claim. Keep your uneducated opinion to yourself please. And for the record my house has been targeted too! From being egged to having a couch left on my front doorstep (amongst other random items). Frustrating, but not as costly as a broken fence but I can empathise with this poor neighbor somewhat. You all just need to calm down and let the Provo police do their job.

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