Whole Foods to sue pastor after releasing surveillance video in cake slur claim

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AUSTIN, Texas – Less than one day after an Austin pastor filed a lawsuit against Whole Foods, the grocery giant is striking back.

Jordan Brown claims a bakery department associate wrote an anti-gay slur on a cake he purchased. According to the suit, he asked employees in the bakery department to write “Love Wins” on a blank, pre-frosted cake.

Brown told KXAN that the employee wrote “Love Wins F**” on the cake.

Credit: KXAN & the Kaplan Law Firm

Credit: KXAN & the Kaplan Law Firm

Whole Foods immediately denied the claim.

“The team member wrote ‘Love Wins’ at the top of the cake as requested by the guest and that’s exactly how the cake was packaged and sold at the store. Our team members do not accept or design bakery orders that include language or images that are offensive. Whole Foods Market has a zero tolerance policy for discrimination,” a statement from Whole Foods read.

On Tuesday, the grocery store released security footage, disputing Brown’s claims.

“After a deeper investigation of Mr. Brown’s claim, we believe his accusations are fraudulent and we intend to take legal action against both Mr. Brown and his attorney,” the company said in a statement.

In a video that Brown’s lawyers published on Monday, Brown shows that the sticker and barcode on the cake have not been tampered with.

However, Whole Foods claims the barcode should have been on top of the box, not on the side.

“After reviewing their security footage of Mr. Brown, it’s clear that the UPC label was in fact on top of the cake box, not on the side of the package. This is evident as the cashier scans the UPC code on top of the box, which you can view here,” the statement read.

The company says it is standing behind the baker “who is part of the LGBTQ community.”


  • David Whittington

    Just a guess here – but I am guessing ‘Pastor Brown’ wrote the slur on to the cake himself in an attempt to get an easy payday from Whole Foods market. If so, I hope Whole Foods turns the tables and bankrupts Pastor Brown and his church and his attorney.

    • Jamie

      David, why the church? Don’t get me wrong, I do agree with your assessment, but why does his church need to suffer to?

  • BOB

    Rick Jones, a 22-year old homosexual in Delta Utah, staged a “gay hate crime” to get some sympathy. Homosexuals from all over Utah came running to his defense. And yes, he made up the story to get some attention. Typical.

  • Anotherbob

    I knew from the second I saw the first story that it was a false flag attempt to stir the lgbt hate pot. I hope they do sue and ruin him.

  • Mimi

    Good! I’m glad they’re fighting back and if the judge has any sense or any brains, he’ll side with Whole Foods.

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