Four taken into custody after drive-by shooting in West Valley City

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WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah — West Valley City police have arrested four people in connection with a drive-by shooting early Sunday morning.

Police responded to a report of a shooting around 3 a.m. Sunday in the area of 4100 South and 4670 West in West Valley City. There were no injuries reported.

Witnesses described the vehicle as a dark passenger car with five people inside.

Police booked 19-year-old Jennifer Diego-Rufino and 18-year-old Alexis Garcia-Alcantara into the Salt Lake County Jail later Sunday. Authorities said the two were passengers in the vehicle.

On Monday morning, police confirmed two more people were taken into custody. Christian Galvez, 20, and Ricardo Morales, 21, were taken to the West Valley City Police Department for questioning. Galvez is suspected of being the shooter and Morales is suspected of a being a passenger in the vehicle.

Galvez was booked into the Salt Lake County Metro Jail. He faces a third-degree felony charge of discharging a firearm from a vehicle, a third-degree felony charge of possession of a firearm by a restricted person and a class A misdemeanor charge of possession of a loaded firearm in a vehicle. Galvez also faces a charge of fleeing from an officer and possession of of drug paraphernalia.

Morales has been released pending further review by the District Attorney’s Office.

According to a statement from the West Valley City Police Department, a search warrant was obtained for the vehicle and police recovered a 12-gauge shotgun used in the shooting from the trunk of the vehicle.

One suspect is still at-large.


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