Rabbi Avremi demonstrates his Charoset recipe, discusses Passover

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Passover starts Friday, April 22, and on Sunday Rabbi Avremi Zippel came to Good Day Utah to discuss the holiday and demonstrate a recipe for the Seder, which is observed the first two nights of the eight-day Passover holiday.

See the video above for Rabbi Avremi's Charoset recipe, which he said is designed to look like brick and mortar in order to symbolize the slavery of their ancestors in Egypt. The Rabbi said items with meaning on the Seder plate serve a deeper purpose beyond the symbol they represent, because those symbols also stimulate questions that lead to greater understanding.

Rabbi Avremi is the Youth and Program Director at Chabad Lubavitch in Utah, visit their website for more information.  For the recipe he demonstrated Sunday, see the embed below.

Recipe Charoset

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