Teen who fled after crashing car into Payson house arrested on suspicion of DUI

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PAYSON, Utah -- A 19-year-old man was arrested Sunday morning after crashing his parents’ car into a Payson home, according to police.

“Officers responded to a call involving a car that had left the road and hit a home,” said Lt. Bill Wright of the Payson Police Department.

The home sits on SR 198, in the area of 100 North and 100 West.

SR 198 curves near the house, but apparently the driver didn’t get the memo and ended up launched into the side of the home. The car smashed through the wall and shattered a window.

Lt. Wright said a witness called police to report what happened around 12:15 a.m.

“When [officers] arrived, there was no one here," he said. "The individual that was driver had fled the scene."

Tryston EricksonThat’s when detectives got to work to track down where the driver disappeared to. Their sleuthing led them to 19-year-old Tryston Erickson about an hour later. Lt. Wright said the suspect had made it a few miles away to the Elkridge Township.

Police took him into custody and booked Erickson on four charges, including driving under the influence, receiving or transporting a stolen vehicle, leaving the scene of an accident and driving with a suspended license.

Lt. Wright said the house saw significant damage, but no one currently lives in the rental property. He said Erickson suffered only minor injuries.

He knows that’s pretty lucky considering what happened.

“This was a very dangerous situation that could have resulted in the loss of life very easily,” Lt. Wright said. “We’re just glad that it did not.”



    You’re a real loser Tryston. Because the car is insured in your parent’s name they are on the hook for the lawsuit the home owner hopefully will file.

  • Erin Bean

    The rental property was occupied at the time. I live next door and ran outside to see if anyone had been hurt when I heard the crash. The couple living there had just gotten their child to sleep and their new car was wrecked as a result.

  • Bob Squared

    This is what happens when we treat DUI almost as a minor traffic offense. Repeat offenders are rampant. Its time to step up and treat these crimnals as they should be treated. Attempted homicide. Theres no difference between the ability of a car to kill and a gun. Both can be loaded and fired at the general public. He chose to get loaded and drive a weapon threatening the safety of everyone on the road. He deserves no less than 10 years in prison and his license suspended permanently for life. Not for a year or two….for life. First DUI infraction, suspended for 5 years. Second for life. Im so sick of these selfish morons thinking theyre above the law or can handle their liqour. Put him away for a decade.

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