Suicide prevention in Utah

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Suicide prevention can be a sensitive topic. Taryn Aiken and Christian Sears are two individuals in the Utah community that are making efforts towards helping individuals feel comfortable talking about suicide prevention.  By creating the conversation about suicide prevention it helps identify those at risk and can support the resources necessary.

Utah has ranked high in depression over the past couple years with high rates of suicide among our youth. Spring time is the most important time to be aware of suicide prevention because rates typically peak in spring.

Aiken is a volunteer for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in the Utah chapter. AFSP brings awareness, helps individuals know they're not alone and helps people to better understand how to help someone in need. To learn more about the foundation, please click here.

The National Prevention Lifeline is 1(800)273-8255. You can call the lifeline seven days a week, 24 hours a day where you will speak with someone trained in intervention and can facilitate the process guiding you to what resources are available.

Sears created the Active Minds group on the University of Utah campus hoping to help college age students become aware of the resources that are available. Twitter: @activemindsutah Facebook: Active Minds 


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  • Nate

    Empty words like “You are worth it!” or “Don’t give up!” fall on deaf ears and just sound patronizing. Depression is a disease, just like cancer or any other disease, and it needs medical attention. The predominate culture of Utah, which encourages fake smiles, silent judgement, and “holier-than-thou”-ness, is a huge problem. Access to prescription drugs and Heroin is also a problem. We need frank talk not empty words. End the war on drugs, ban gun sales to people with a history of mental illness, and stop prescribing addictive drugs that only numb people without actually treating the cause.

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